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Earth Hour 2010

March 29, 2010 14:51 by Jenn
Earth Hour took place last Saturday, March 27th. Across the globe, people were asked to turn off the lights at 8:30 PM and to keep them out for an hour in an effort to reduce climate change. An estimated 1 billion people participated in the event in 125 different countries. Check out the story of Earth Hour youtube style here.

World Wildlife Fund President and CEO Carter Roberts said, "Earth Hour is about Americans and people throughout the world standing up and saying ‘climate change is real and we need to do something about it now. From coast-to-coast, Americans provided strong affirmation that they are ready for the U.S. to be a leader in the green revolution."
Motivators recently ordered a big batch of imprinted recycled jar openers for our appearance at the Go Green Expo. Imprinted on each of the custom printed fluorescent Light Bulb Retread jar openers were the words, "Turn Out Your Lights!" Below it was the information for Earth Hour and their website address. On the other side were the words, "Turn On Your Branding!" and our Motivators contact information. We thought these were especially perfect for the green event because they're actually made out of post-consumer tires.
We made sure to reserve some of our eco-friendly promotional products for use at a later date. So, the week before Earth Hour, a couple Motivators headed out and hit the local streets with our giveaways. We hung out by the supermarket where shoppers graciously accepted out jar openers with their jars of spaghetti sauce and were excited to hear about the special event. We went to a tire store up the road and told them that these jar openers could be made out of their tires. They agreed to take a stack of our items and keep them on the counter for their customers.
Then on Saturday, I walked around the neighborhood and went door to door to promote the event in homes and businesses. I reached some very enthusiastic people and was so happy to spread the message of sustainability.

Unfortunately, at 8:30 PM I was at work at the Vanderbilt Planetarium doing a light show. I know, I knoooooooooow! It's awful of me! But work called and I didn't feel as guilty considering that many homes in our local Westbury shut the lights off because of Motivators.


Now let's gear up for Earth Day!

Sustenance at the Go Green Expo

March 23, 2010 16:06 by Sarah

Let me just be very clear: this blog is not about sustainability. It's about a product that sustained myself and several other Motivators while we were manning our booth at the Go Green Expo this past weekend in NYC. The sheer amount of people who walked the floor day after day in search of the greatest eco-friendly innovations and the most affordable ways to go green meant that we Motivators had our work cut out for us. We practically ran out of seed paper business cards and had plenty of eco-friendly CFL lightbulb jar openers on hand. One thing that our booth lacked, however, was food.

It was the first day that my stomach seemed to grumble the loudest, as I'd only managed to ingest half a banana that morning, as well as some water. As I walked the floor with Anthony and Jenn, I became intrigued by any company that was giving out food. More specifically, any food that I could drop in my bag for later was what I was really interested in. Sure enough, there were two company's that had those options: Cascadian Farm Organic and LaraBar. Both companies happened to be exhibiting next to each other and offering free samples, so I dropped some goodies in my bag. Cue a few hours later when I finally had a chance to breathe, but not a chance to get away from the booth. I immediately reached into my bag and snagged a Cocount Creme Pie Larabar. It was a small, sample size so I could easily eat it without being overt. Unfotunately, that didn't work as planned.

"Oh man, is that a Larabar? I had one before. Give me, I'm starving!" I stared at Tony knowing that he was working hard and needed sustinance more than I did. I gave up my Larabar for the greater good and then went to help a customer. Later on I heard Sarah and Anthony talking about how delicious the Larabars were. I grumbled over the fact that I'd missed mine and finally was hooked up with a Tropical Fruit Flavored Bar from Sarah E. And they were right.

For a snack bar, that's completely gluten free, it's certainly tasty. The bars consist of only natural ingredients, in this case dates, pineapple, almonds, coconut, cashews and a whole plethora of other 'good for you' things that blend to create a delicious concoction that will leave your tastebuds fist pumping each other.

The other snacks that i came across were the treats from Cascadian Farm Organic. I was quick to grab a chocolate chip granola bar and some dark chocolate almond granola. The granola bar was polished off quickly as its sticky sweetness appealed to exactly what I was looking for at that given moment. I even went back to grab another the next day. The Dark Chocolate Almond Granola was perfect for todays snack and it was exactly what I needed to get through the day. The perfect blend of crunchy and sweet. It's certainly filled me up today and it's made me feel better since I know its organic.

So if you're looking for eco-friendly snacks, I highly recommend LaraBar and Cascadian Farms Organic.

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Fun Companies at the Go Green Expo

March 22, 2010 13:09 by Jenn

After a weekend well spent at the Go Green Expo in New York City, I can truly say that I've been greenified. I shook hands and made friends in sustainable businesses ranging from family run recycled jewelry makers to worldwide energy friendly car manufacturers. So what's the sustainable scoop?
Both environmentally concerned businesses and environmentally sustainable run businesses joined together to showcase the best in their products and services. It was amazing to see so many businesses revamping to include eco-friendly standards. It is important to know that going green cannot happen over night, but through steady applications of eco-friendliness, innovative thinking and customer consideration, it can be achieved.
Two of the most interesting business I had the pleasure of hearing from are below. 

The Tooth Fairy and dentist, Sandra Senzon, has a line of natural product dedicated to keeping your teeth clean without harmful bleaching and detrimental chemicals. The booth featured a line of products that support her book, “Reversing Gum Disease Naturally.” This woman is dedicated and passionate about her job, which led to awesome innovations. Spread out across the front of her table were her original Tooth Fairy City comic books.

Sandra took the time to explain some of the 5 different comics she’s already completed with tales of the forbidden candy factory. These great comics are available for purchase and are a great idea for school programs. After flipping through the fun illustrations and dynamic text, I was reminded of our promotional coloring books. From the importance of buckling up, to recycling education and home safety books, there’s something for every occasion.
JoiTees was another company that impressed me. Creator and designer, Joi Dawn seemed like a seasoned performer. After approaching her booth, she immediately made us feel welcomed and began explaining her organic/eco-friendly tee shirts in a fun and engaging way. Just like she was telling a story, Joi explained the imprints on each shirt and their origins. You’ll have to sign up to have her as a speaker to get the whole low down, but let me tell you it is quite the story!

Some imprints include, "My coochie is not a hoochie," "My butt is not a slut," and "C3 Calm, Cool, Collected." She went on to explain that they have both Breast Cancer and AIDs awareness tees. This immediately interested me because of our great selection of awareness products. That said, my favorite imprint? "I'm 100% Positive, except for my test results." I love bold statements.

One things for certain, these eco-friendly minded businesses have a whole lot of creativity. Stay tuned for more featured Go Green Expo products and services. Check out our environmentally friendly products in the meantime.

Motivators at the Go Green Expo 2010

March 17, 2010 15:31 by Jenn
One thing's for certain, if you love the environment and are fighting for sustainability, you'll be at the Go Green Expo this weekend. From Friday, March 19 to Sunday, March 21st, the largest eco-friendly trade show worldwide, will take place in New York City.

Big names attending and speaking during the Go Green Expo include the likes of actor/director, Ed Begley Jr., nutrition expert and trained athlete Bobby Williams and Linda Louder, an eco-friendly fashion designer. This celebration of all things green is bound to reveal the latest in green products, which is where we come in. Below is our pledge to the environment and a fantastic selection of our best environmentally friendly products. Here's a taste of the items we'll be featuring at booth 317 at the Go Green Expo. Come check them out!
It is Motivator's Environmental Mission to ensure that all employee behaviors and corporate practices reflect our commitment to sustainability. We strive to raise the bar for responsible environmental practices in the Promotional Products Industry by introducing innovative eco-friendly products and pledging to eco-friendly practices. It is our goal to work in accordance with federal, state and local environmental standards in both our corporate offices and in our factories. This requires each Motivators employee to participate in and accept responsibility for achieving the goal of lowering our carbon footprint.

Motivators is dedicated to the conservation of energy in our offices and factories by incorporating eco-friendly practices into daily work tasks like computer usage.

Motivators is committed to environmentally sound recycling as seen in our recycling programs for materials including paper, plastic, glass.

Motivators is devoted to spreading corporate social responsibility by educating and training employees according to environmental laws and regulations.

Motivators is proud to be an environmentally conscious company leader in the Promotional Products Industry and promises to provide the most reliable and efficient services to our customer in an effort to achieve sustainability in our lives and the lives of others.

Eco Tires Accelerate Sustainability

March 10, 2010 14:01 by Jenn

One of my favorite environmentally friendly products is the promotional retread recycled jar openers. These cool giveaways are made from recycled tires and can be used as coasters or jar openers all while representing your company, club or event. Because of my love for these items, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about a fantastic new eco-friendly tire on the market.
The tire company, Kumho's has just launched the latest addition to their Solus collection. It's an eco-friendly tire paired with a 100,000 mile warranty. The company's marketing president said, "being eath friendly no longer requires sacrifices in tire performance. Past technology required giving up traction to be less impactful to our environment." 
These tires are made for the road, and I'm sure their scrap material would make one durable jelly jar. They've found a new formula that combines high anti-abrasion rubber technology with eco-friendly processing oils. It helps to make these all-seasons eco Solus HM tires cost effective, eco-friendly and safe for the roads.
I'm so happy to see that every industry is working to become more and more sustainable. At this rate, every industry will thrive in sustainability this decade.

An Eco-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt at the White House

March 8, 2010 15:00 by Sarah

In a tradition dating back to 1848, the White House will once again open it's iron clad gates to families from around the country so that children can participate in the Annual Easter Egg Roll. This year, on April 5th, the Easter Egg Roll will take over the South Lawn with a fitting theme for the competition fueled day: "Ready, Set, Go." The theme will promote health and wellness in accordance with the First Lady's "Let's Move" Initiave, a campaign which seeks to end childhood obesity. And it seems that the egg roll will be eco-friendly in nature. As tradition stands, every child that participates is given a wooden souvenir egg boasting the logo of the event. This year's eggs are all made in the US from Forest Stewardship Council hardwood and packaging has been designed to minimize waste. They'llbe available in pink, purple, green and yellow.


White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

Eco Friendly Camping

March 3, 2010 15:06 by Jenn
The Green Gadget trade show came to New York City on February 25. Along with the best in green technology, the Green Gadget show also happened to bring along a couple feet of snow as well. I love the fluffy whites but today, in the wake of another snow storm, I'm planning for brighter days. Warmer days. Camping days!

The major attention getter at the Green Gadgets trade show was the Orange Solar Tent from Kaleidoscope. It's the perfect eco friendly camping gear and is guaranteed to impress your humble tenting and gas guzzling RV neighbors.

The awesome tent includes solar panels that use the absorbed sun light to illuminate the tent at night, creating the perfect glow for navigating around your campsite at night. Inside is a heated groundsheet for comfort and a wireless hub. The coolest feature I've seen? The magnetic induction charging pouch.
Have you seen THAT before? Awesome eco friendly camping is in the works for me. Are you looking to join? Here are my picks for the best environmentally friendly camping items.

The custom imprinted eco blanket will keep you warm inside of the tent with its bamboo and cotton components. And this eco-friendly apparel will keep you warm while star gazing outside.
Always keep a custom imprinted solar flashlight nearby for night-time adventures. And our eco-friendly health and first aid items will prepare you for any emergencies.