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Ready to Bring Your Brand Up to "Green" Standards? Some More Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Are Coming Your Way

March 31, 2011 15:25 by Daniel

If you are not aware already, "green" branding is big. In fact, consumers value eco-friendliness so much now that if your company is not making the jump, you're falling behind. As a result, you should consider incorporating eco-friendly promotional products into your next branding campaign. The sooner this is accomplished, the sooner the public will start to think about your company in an eco-responsible fashion.

Now of course, if you are planning on distributing these environmental promo items, you want to make sure that your product is not being misrepresented. There is nothing worse than a company who "greenwashes" their products. But for all intents and purposes here, we will assume that your company has already developed an environmental production strategy - now you just want everyone to know about it.

So, let's check out a few of these great products that you can use to help you get the word out.

First up is one of the more seasonal eco-friendly items that you can use to promote your brand: the Caddie Golf Kit. With the warm weather starting to come around, there is no better place to get the word out about your "green" brand than on the golf course. Every company owner knows that huge amounts of business take place during the course of a golf game - make sure that your name gets thrown into the mix. With this pack of golf accessories, you can be sure to make yourself known.

The set includes some tees, ball markers, and a divot tool; all of the items are biodegradable. This biodegradable nature of the product is the catch for which to market your brand as "green". Without it, it is harder to set yourself apart from the competition. So make sure that people know that when they receive this golf kit.

Next up is the Dri-Duck Solid Organic Hat. So what does the hat have to offer? First off, fashion is a big component of the appeal here. The hat looks very attractive on the head of anyone who wears it, making recipients all the more interested in incorporating it into their wardrobe. It is appropriate to wear in pretty much any casual setting, so the exposure that your brand is going to receive will be exponential.

Now for the eco-friendly part: this particular hat is made from 100% organic cotton. Just say "organic cotton" to people and watch how big their smiles get. People just love the fact that something this comfortable and friendly for the environment actually exists.

Finally, consider the Solar Panel iPhone Charger to let the world know about your "green" brand. Everyone knows in today's day and age that technology is king. People are completely in sync with their mobile devices, and the iPhone is one of the most popular. If you want people to pay attention to your company, all you have to do is give them something that makes their cell phone experience more convenient.

The charger works with a solar-powered charge so that recipients can enjoy their iPhones by relying only on the help of the sun. What better and cleverer way to demonstrate eco-friendliness than by combining technology and solar power in one item? There is none, and that is why the Solar Panel iPhone Charger is featured as one of our eco promotional products today.

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Get Ready to Turn Your Lights Off Tomorrow - It's Earth Hour 2011

March 25, 2011 15:41 by Daniel

What will you be doing tomorrow, March 26th, 2011, at 8:30PM? No matter where you are, one thing is for sure - you better be ready to turn your lights off for an hour! That's because tomorrow is Earth Hour, an annual observation in which people around the globe turn their lights off for one hour to symbolize their commitment to global sustainability.

So from 8:30PM - 9:30PM (your local time) tomorrow, join in the Earth Hour celebration by shutting off all of the lights that you don't absolutely need.

For those who are interested in the history of Earth Hour, here goes. The first Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia in 2007 with over two million people getting involved.

The original focus for Earth Hour was to raise awareness about climate change. However, by 2009, people in the hundreds of millions were participating in thousands of cities across the globe, and Earth Hour became an international symbol for "going green".

By 2010, upwards of 128 countries across the world were doing their part to encourage environmental practices. Famous landmarks and iconic buildings across the world (including the Golden Gate Bridge, CN Tower, and the Colosseum) turned their lights off for an hour to support the movement.

Tomorrow will be the fifth annual Earth Hour, and it is expected to be the biggest one yet. So what can you do to help? Well, you can start by observing Earth Hour as an individual. When the clock strikes 8:30PM tomorrow, turn off all the lights in your home or office for a total of sixty minutes.

Once you are prepared to do that, the next step is educating family, friends, and co-workers about the concept behind Earth Hour. You can encourage them to participate in the observation as well - the more people that are involved, the bigger the statement that is made.

Earth Hour is a particularly special occasion because of the sheer number of people that participate. Just take a look at the photograph above. You can see very clearly what a difference there is in the number of lights being used once Earth Hour begins. So just know, you are not the only one who will be standing in the dark. Mostly everyone in your city will be shutting their lights as well.

Good luck tomorrow and don't forget to partake in Earth Hour 2011!

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How to Help Japan Recover from the Earthquake and Tsunami

March 17, 2011 10:17 by Daniel

The earthquake in Japan is one of the largest on record, and has caused enormous amounts of damage. Thousands of people died as a result of the disaster; thousands more have not yet been accounted for.

With homes, buildings, and infrastructure in parts of the country completely destroyed, it is our duty as fellow citizens of the planet to provide whatever aid we possibly can.

Posted here is a list of the organizations which are currently working on recovery and provisions for the Japanese people.

We encourage you to lend a helping hand by donating whatever you can to one of these organizations so that the country of Japan can rebuild itself as soon as possible. To donate, click the link of the organization you prefer and it will re-direct you to their donation page:

American Red Cross: One of the most reputable relief organizations in the world. The American Red Cross has opened Emergency Operation Centers in the areas of Japan which were affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Donations to the American Red Cross will be assigned to the International Disaster Relief Fund, which will then be used directly in the areas of need.

GlobalGiving Foundation: This organization created a fund which collects, organizes, and distributes donations to the organizations which are providing direct relief to the people who are suffering as a result of the disaster.

Save the Children: Focused directly on the needs of the Japanese children, this foundation will give swift relief in the form of health care, supplies, and shelter.

The Salvation Army: Since 1895, The Salvation Army has been lending their service and support to those in need in Japan. Help this renowned organization continue to provide assistance by donating.

Americares: With a passion to help and the ability to deliver, Americares has done a great job of focusing on the emergency at hand. They have dispatched a team to the region, and are focusing their efforts to provide as much help as possible.

Convoy of Hope: This organization has their own disaster response team which has made contact with their Japanese partners in the region. With a solid source of inside information, the Convoy of Hope can diagnose exactly where their help is needed most.

International Medical Corps: From being in constant contact with sources in Japan, the International Medical Corps is able to gather and focus their resources in the places they are needed most. This organization has generated relief teams which have been deployed to the affected regions ready with supplies and aid.

Shelter Box: A response team is getting ready to launch in Japan to help with response and recovery.

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A New Eco-Friendly Video Game is Being Released to the Public, Harrision Ford Offers a Helping Hand

March 10, 2011 14:30 by Daniel

The trends of eco-friendliness have been seen in almost all aspects of popular culture. Buildings are incorporating solar panels and "green" roofs, household products are using recycled materials, governments are recommending eco-friendly products to their constituencies. Now on to one of the most viral forms of entertainment available in the free world: video games.

Video games have long been a cornerstone of leisure activity in the United States, with children being drawn to the controller of a virtual reality at an early age. With all different types of shooting games, fighting games, sports games, and multi-players, it has become readily apparent that video games (in their traditional genre) waste time and energy.

People sit in front of the television spending hours at these games, but they don't produce anything or receive something in return. Therefore, video games have no intrinsic value.

That is, until game designer Talkie came on the scene. Talkie, a Los Angeles-based company, has been developing a new social game entitled, "Ecotopia". Similar to "FarmVille", the game encourages participation by a large group of people in a social environment. The only difference is that "Ecotopia" is promoting a positive change in the environment.

"Ecotopia" inspires people to take action by allowing them to navigate an environmentally decrepit landscape, and offering them the ability to clean it up. Through the execution of eco-friendly actions like switching out wasteful light bulbs, installing solar panels, and other actions, players can eventually transform the troubled planet into a haven for nature and growth.

In addition to the basic functions of the game, the developers will be hosting weekly contests where players can submit videos for going above and beyond in the "going green" movement. While not all players will participate in these extra-curricular activities, Talkie hopes to reach out to the younger demographic in order to teach them eco-friendly practices at an early age.

As an added bonus, Hollywood legend Harrison Ford has gotten on board with "Ecotopia", backing it as "a refreshing new way to engage millions of people in addressing critical environmental issues". As Ford is a board member for Conservation International, his endorsement comes with exceptional regard.

Look out for "Ecotopia" as it is released this spring on Facebook. Your participation will help making a last change towards the rehabilitation of the planet.

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Start Planning Your Earth Day Events Now

March 2, 2011 16:12 by Daniel

It's the beginning of March, and that means Earth Day is right around the corner. On April 22, people from around the country will band together in their undying support and love for the planet Earth. Earth Day is observed in a variety of different ways, depending on where you live and how big your community is.

If you live in a city, chances are that there is going to be some kind of rally or benefit concert to raise awareness about Earth Day and the health of the planet. Other groups might be even more proactive by organizing a tree planting, environmental cleanup, or another type of eco-friendly event that will benefit the environment.

This year is a milestone for Earth Day as the holiday is celebrating its 40th anniversary. In 1970, the first Earth Day drew a crowd of 20 million Americans (quite an impressive feat considering it was the first year). Since then, Earth Day has been credited for helping to catalyze the "going green" movement, and getting legislation passed including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

Today, Earth Day is a worldwide event, and one of the planet's most valuable resources of aid and inspiration. If we can continue the Earth Day trend, we can move closer and closer to lowering our carbon footprint and eventually establishing a sustainable lifestyle.

If you are either planning an Earth Day event or considering participating in one, make sure you start planning ahead of time. You can check out the Earth Day 2011 website to browse and sign up for all the local events in your area. There are also a ton of great Earth Day giveaways that you can order and distribute in order to help raise awareness on April 22.

The larger your presence is this year, the more people you will get to come out for Earth Day. That means more participation, and a better chance of the planet staying healthy for another few billion years.


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