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Spotlight: Flat Tire Ohio Coaster

January 31, 2012 12:56 by Nick

What do Devo, Clark Gable, Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Trent Reznor and Jerry Springer have in common?

They all had their start in Ohio.

Best known as the "Buckeye State" Ohio has the 7th largest population despite being only the 34th largest state (out of 50) in the United States. Ohio has the red carnation as its official state flower and the white-tail deer is the official animal. The state also houses over 3,000 historic landmarks, including the Tyler Davidson Fountain and the Cleveland Mall. Ohio also houses the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, which houses the highest honor in the genre.

If you have a business in Ohio, love the state or simply support its arts consider the custom imprinted Flat Tire Ohio Coaster. This coaster, recycled from post-consumer tires, is 1/8" thick and will protect your table, bar or night table from the smudges and stains that can be left behind by glasses. The coaster is a great alternative to the round and square coasters found commonly and is rather industructable. The best part about the coaster is that there is an option to print a second side, perfect for glass tables. 

Spotlight: SOL Solar Radio Controlled LED Desk Clock

January 30, 2012 15:58 by Nick

Do you spend a large portion of your day staring at the clock on the wall, watching the seconds and minutes tick by? If this sounds like you it may be time to get a different clock.

The custom imprinted SOL Solar Radio Controlled LED Desk Clock is a great corporate item and a surefire way to get your name and logo out there. The clock is radio-controlled with a calendar display and is powered by solar energy. Thanks to the outdoor/indoor solar panel, this item is charged using the strength of solar energy. The item can be imprinted how you wish and the item is versatile enough to be used on a daily basis. Use it for the weather, the calendar or the clock. No matter what, you'll find an ideal item. 

Reusing Glass Bottles: Quit 'Wine'-ing and Do It!

January 26, 2012 15:36 by Bran

Did you know that Americans buy over 300 million cases of wine each year?  The shocking number raises a serious environmental question:  What do we do with all the empty wine bottles?  One start-up, Wine Bottle Renew, is creating a business based on a solution.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "The company wants to revive the practice of washing and refilling used glass wine bottles."  The start-up's Chief Executive, Bruce Stephens, hopes to convince wineries around the country that collaborating will be good for business. "You take a bottle and you empty the bottle, and my God, why would that only be a one-time bottle?" Stephens asked the Wall Street Journal. "We used to wash bottles all the time, whether it was wine bottles, beer bottles or Coke bottles."  Indeed, reusing bottles can cost a company 10% less than purchasing new ones.

Sure, reusing glass bottles may be good for a company's bottom line, but how will it affect the environment?  Wine Bottle Renew asserts that rinsing and reusing a wine bottle releases 95% less carbon than does recycling one.  How's that possible?  The Wall Street Journal reports that recycling the glass containers takes more work because they "must be melted down and re-formed before they enter the market again."

Approximately 150 wineries have already teamed up with Wine Bottle Renew.  Stephens told the Wall Street Journal that his company has cleaned and delivered over a million bottles to wineries nationwide.  Hopefully larger wineries will jump on board soon.  Good for business and eco-friendly?  Sounds like a win-win to me!

Spotlight: Bamboo Cell Phone/Buiness Card Holder

January 25, 2012 09:56 by Nick

The new year brings about the opportunity to revamp your cubicle or office. Maybe your cubicle/office is too messy? Perhaps it's too dated.

The custom imprinted Bamboo Cell Phone/Business Card Holder is an item that is great to have at the home and the office. The item is made from high quality bamboo and includes two slots. These slots can be used for anything from mp3 players to cell phones and even business cards. Placing this great item on your desk and in a common area of your home is a sure-fire way to have your logo prominently displayed while organizing these items for you in a stylish and simplistic manner.

How the Sumatran Elephant Lost Half its Population in Just One Generation

January 24, 2012 13:17 by Bran

The Sumatran elephant, which resides primarily in Indonesia, has been newly categorized as "critically endangered" due to massive area deforestation and agriculture.

According to Reuters, "IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, raised its listing of the Sumatran elephant subspecies from 'endangered' to 'critically endangered' after nearly 70 percent of its habitat and [half] its population has been lost in one generation."

While Sumatran elephants are protected by law, unfortunately a majority of their homes are not within safe areas.  Therefore, their habitats are quickly being converted into land for agricultural use.  The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) asserts that unless appropriate action is taken, these magnificent animals could be extinct in less than 30 years.

And the Sumatran elephant isn't the only subspecies suffering; Carlos Drews, Director of Global Species Program for the WWF, told Reuters that other Indonesian animals on the "critically endangered" list include the Sumatran orangutan, the Sumatran tiger, and the Javan and Sumatran rhinos.

According to Reuters, WWF has "called on the Indonesian government to prohibit all forest conversion in elephant habitats until a conservation strategy is devised." We can only hope that none of these beautiful animals will suffer the same fate as the Bali tiger and Java tiger; both Indonesian subspecies went extinct in the past 70 years.

Spotlight: Eco-Soft Mouse Mat® - Antimicrobial Mouse Pad

January 23, 2012 16:57 by Nick

If there's anything one item that every desk in an office has, its a computer. Computers are very common for every line of work and almost every industry needs this type of technology.

If you have a computer, you know how important it is to have a promotional mousepad. Luckily, there is an eco-friendly alternative that is sure to spruce up your cubicle and provide guidance for your computer mouse. The custom imprinted Eco-Soft Mouse Mat - Antimicrobial Mouse Pad is a great-looking item that is made of durable post-consumer and post-industrial rubber. The imprint comes out really well on the mouse pad and comes in a small array of natural colors. 

Don't forget to explore our other promotional eco-friendly mouse pads!

The Environmental Cost of E-mail Spam

January 17, 2012 16:37 by Bran

The infamous spam E-mail.  Those who are less technologically-savvy are often fooled by it, and those of us who can recognize a spam E-mail from a mile away are just annoyed by it.  Either way, it's clogging up all of our "Junk Mail" folders, and none of us like it.

But did you know that those trash E-mails also have a negative impact on our environment?  Web Page FX Weekly put together a comprehensive infographic explaining the environmental price of spam.  Click on the image to enlarge: 

To summarize, the amount of greenhouse gas that's associated with one spam E-mail is equivalent to the amount of harmful gas that enters the atmosphere after a vehicle has driven three feet.  Ninety-five trillion spam E-mails are sent a year.  That means each year spam E-mails emit the same amount of greenhouse gasses as would a car would that's driven around the globe two million times.

Is there a way to battle spam E-mails?  After all, they've been an annoyance for almost 20 years.  Web Page FX Weekly suggests adding a spam filter to your E-mail account, reporting spam E-mails to, and helping spread awareness about this little-known issue.

Spotlight: Corn Direct Imprint Letter Opener

January 13, 2012 16:10 by Nick

Less than two weeks into the New Year, I am already noticing an influx of mail from vendors. Dozens of catalogs come in by the day, weighing more than you would believe. As I write this, I have an empty desk and a small shelf covered in the catlogs.

I'm finding my custom imprinted Corn Direct Imprint Letter Opener to be very useful. It's a very sturdy item that stands up to the professional packaging and envelopes these catalogs are often mailed in. The letter opener is made of 100% corn plastic, making it a biodegradable item and very good for the environment. The letter opener has an option to include a back magnet for pennies on the dollar and gives you many color options. 

If you find yourself swimming in mail, you should consider this custom imprinted letter opener. It's a great buy.  

Will Global Warming Make Them Smarter?

January 12, 2012 15:24 by Bran

I don't often find myself saying the words "benefit of global warming," but a recent study shows that climate change might prove advantageous for one species.

New Scientist reports that "When the heat is on, lizards become smarter – potentially giving them a competitive edge as the world warms."  How did scientists test it?  Researchers incubated two sets of eggs in different temperatures -- cold versus warm.  After they'd hatched, the two groups of lizards were put into separate aquariums, each equipped with two hideouts.  One hiding place was blocked off, while the other was completely accessible.

The team scared the lizards by touching a paintbrush to their tails.  Then they recorded how the lizards reacted. According to New Scientist, "After 16 trials, five of the nine cold-incubated lizards still headed for the inaccessible hideout. Just one of the 12 warm-incubated lizards made the same mistake."

What conclusion can be drawn?  According to Joshua Amiel, a researcher at the University of Sydney in Australia, "Climate change might not be so bad for these guys."

Spotlight: Devon & Jones Men's Organic Cotton Club Jacket

January 12, 2012 11:13 by Nick

The weather is starting to look like January. It's cold, rainy and miserable. It seems that the only thing we are missing is snow. 

With the weather cooling off by the day, it might be hard to rummage back into your winter clothes and pick out something stylish and warm to wear. Luckily, Motivators carries an item that does it all.

Meet the custom imprinted Devon & Jones Men's Organic Cotton Club Jacket. It's made of 100% certified cotton organic cotton chino twill, making it extremely soft to the touch. The lining is very durable soft, made of both cotton poplin (body) and nylon taffeta. (sleeves) The jacket also features double-stitching on the sleeves, a center front zipper, large hand pockets, two inside pockets and an adjustable snap-cuff closure. The jacket allows customization with a professional imprint of your choice. 

Bundle up out there!