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Spotlight: Golf Tee - 2 1/8"

March 13, 2012 10:33 by Nick

With the weather hitting the high 60's for the majority of the coming week, it'll be very difficult to get time on any golf course. Starting with the first nice weather of Spring until the autumn, golf courses are packed with members and non-members alike playing the well-known game that knows no boundary of age, gender or skill level. 

If you're a new golf course or a course that is looking to revamp the course member roster, be sure to have some promotional giveaways on hand.  The custom imprinted Golf Tee - 2 1/8" is a great item to have on hand. They are incredibly inexpensive, sold in bulk (by the 1,000) and comes out to just pennies per golf tee. You'll know that these tees will be used on the course and wherever the avid golfer goes. Golfers will tend to give these to those who may need it, spreading word of your golf course further. Being made of biodegradable corn plastic also makes this heavily desired.

For more information on this golf tees and other giveaways for golf courses, golf tournaments and corporate gatherings, please visit the Motivators website.