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Saving Sea Life with Promotional Eco-Friendly Items

October 28, 2009 12:08 by Jenn

An article in Time Magazine once said, "Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find." With our planet earth piling up with trash and our atmosphere subject to increased global warming, it's pretty fair to say that we're blowing our chances as earth's residents. Though astronauts are seeking out other life sustaining planets it's important to make our planet more sustainable. With the use of environmentally friendly promotional items, we've made that very possible.
People are making great efforts to slow global warming while some are realizing that climate change is not our only environmental problem. Animals across the world are also in danger of loosing their own lives due to our invasion of their habitats. Underwater eco-systems are under increased strain because it is there that the most diverse species exist. When one organism is eliminated, it could ultimately change the course of the lives of every other species in the eco-system.

The leatherback turtles, found in both the Atlantic and Pacific, are one of the 1000+ endangered species on the earth. These beautiful creatures that reach sizes up to six and seven feet, are under risk because of egg harvesting, food availability and most commonly, fishery bycatch. Fishermen use gigantic nets made from rope or wires to catch edible fish for our consumption. They drag these heavy nets across the oceans floor and grab any living creature in its path. Once the nets are raised, the attractive fish life are scooped out and preserved, but the majority of other animals and plant life are left for dead.
To raise awareness of these endangered leatherback turtles, the Canadian Sea Turtle Network joined with National Geographic magazine for a great promotion. Green nets bound each magazine enclosed with personalized cards marking the page of the article. The cards explained the cause and functioned as awesome awareness event giveaways.

To read the magazine, recipients had to cut through the net, and in essence, free the leatherback turtles. I urge everyone to spread the word that we need to cherish this earth - because it's all we got. With beautiful custom turtle shaped ornaments, you too can spread leatherback turtle endangerment awareness. With knowledge, comes action.  Let's spread what we know with the use of promotional eco-friendly products and help restore the earth to the way it's meant to be.

Product Recommendation: King Size Donut/CD Flat Tire Coaster

October 21, 2009 09:38 by Sarah

You know how you should be making an effort to be living a green lifestyle? Well, you should also be making an effort to be living a neat one. And coasters can help with that. This idea popped into my head, when my co-worker Mike commented one of my coasters. It's quite a cool one, I must say. It's a silver puzzle coaster with an imprint of the US Marshall's logo on it and I'm not going to lie to you, the only reason I keep it around is because it looks cool. We don't sell it because we don't sell items that aren't functional and as a coaster this one fails at it's lifelong purpose. As I picked it up to show to Mike, I had to practically pull it off my desk. It had adhered itself there thanks to all the Dunkin Donuts iced coffee that had leeched through while it was supposed to be being a coaster. Coaster fail.

In my search for a new coaster, I came across the promotional King Size Donut/CD Flat Tire Coaster.


It's simple, and yes it does have a hole right in the center of it, so you might be thinking that I'm inept at choosing beverage holders, but that's not the case. Made from 100% post consumer recycled tires, this thing is absorbent. The hole in the middle doesn't even matter because the coaster's 1/8" thickness seems to draw moisture to the places where it can be absorbed, rather desk, which is greatly appreciated and has cut down substantially on my need for Clorox wipes. It's reasonably generic shape can advertise pretty much any logo, and I suggest printing in a bright bold color so that your message will be seen when people walk by. Did I mention it's skid resistant? I mean, so is my puzzle coaster but that's only because of it's Dunkin Donuts adhesive.

So my obsessive love of coffee and my grandmother's warning of "Use a coaster!" were what led me to today's product recommendation of the promotional King Size Donut/CD Flat Tire Coaster. And I'm thinking that everyone should take heed. No one likes a sticky desk. Everyone wants their logo advertised. And currently, it's only $0.89. How can you go wrong?

A Happy Halloween with Environmentally Friendly Products

October 19, 2009 13:29 by Jenn

As Halloween draws nearer, many are hitting the malls and various Halloween stores everywhere. Everyone wants to look their best and perhaps win the prize for the best costume of the party. For those of you that have no yet found that perfect costume, I propose an idea. What do you think about a Green-Halloween? No I'm not talking about oooey-goooey slime, I'm talking about being environmentally friendly this Halloween.

There are many ways to reduce your carbon foot print on this earth, like by using environmentally-friendly products and paying attention to your water and energy use. By following the coveted, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" phrase, you can make this Halloween the most fun, scary and green event of the year. From choosing non-woven Happy Halloween Celebration Bags (They Glow in the Dark!) to walking door-to-door instead of driving there are many ways to make your Halloween eco-friendly.

While many ravage through plastic packaged costumes at the stores and pay big bucks for hazardous and cheap materials, you can make a lasting costumes. By rummaging through your closet for things you don't wear anymore chances are you'll find a great get-up for the dress-up occasion. Whether it's an oversized tee shirt or a flashing sequin jacket, you can turn your unwanted clothing into a fun costume that will attract all.

If your closet doesn’t fair so well, check out the local Goodwill or Salvation Army. You'll find clothing for less that can make a big impression on everyone at the Halloween party. For four years I've raided Goodwill to find awesome costumes including a wedding gown, party dress and affordable suite and tie. If I can do it and they can do it, so can you.
Whether it's a famous person, scary ghoul or a silly idea that you bring to life with your Halloween costume, make it the green way and you'll reduce the waste of one-time-wear costumes. You'll recycle unwanted clothing by coming up with an awesome alternate use for it and you'll be recycling your new costume for years to come because it's made of strong materials that last.

Who knows, with the right green costume you may take the prize this Halloween and if your party hosts are thinking green, you may even receive eco-friendly promotional giveaways as your award. While you're in the spirit of the holidays it's a good idea to plan ahead for your winter wonderland holidays. Chooes eco-friendly holiday cards and you'll be spreading the joy of the season and the spirit of eco-friendliness to all around you.

Being Eco-Friendly Can Be Fun

October 16, 2009 15:54 by Sarah

Volkswagen knows this. And they created this interesting custom garbage can to get people to get active. Check it out.


Blog Action Day: Combating Climate Change 1 Landfill at a Time

October 15, 2009 11:02 by Jenn
Today, Motivators is proud to participate in what deems as, " of the largest-ever social change events on the web." In an effort to raise awareness of the trying issues of global warming, Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change has been created and encourages bloggers all over the world to write about climate change.

As a green girl and a New York native, I couldn't have found a better subject for this topic, then the Norman J. Levy Park and Preserve. This 52 acre nature preserve is only a five minute drive from my home and is the perfect reminder of what a majestic environment we will in, and how we must take care of it. The significance? 25 years ago, the Norman J Levy Park Preserve was a heaping, toxic landfill.

In 1983, the notorious landfill, commonly referred to as, "Merrick Mountain" (located in Merrick, Long Island) began collecting its last communal trash deposits. After over 30 years of collecting garbage, it had reached its capacity and would later be asked to be capped in 1994. With demands to abide by New York State's slope requirements, the sanitation department had to think fast.

After meeting with a Long Island engineering company, they designed a way to trap rain water in order to prevent hazardous run-offs into Long Island**s water supply and a dreaded landfill marsh from forming on the island's hills. Complimentary to the land, this allocation of rain water helped nourish the land and promoted growth. With this new water cycle in place, the Town of Hempstead began to reverse its negative impact on the environment, by beginning the transformation of landfill to nature park.
The first green project of this sort was established in 1971 in Virginia Beach and is appropriately named, Mount Trashmore. Now, New York is in the midst of the first phase of a 30 year plan to turn the world's largest landfill, Freshkills Park, located on Staten Island, into the world's largest urban park. The 30 year target is appropriate given the amount of work it will take to cultivate the land and work towards an eco-friendly park and preserve.

Currently, The Normal J Levy Park and Preserve, has an agricultural windmill that circulates water into two man-made ponds that have become flourishing fresh-water ecosystems. As a plant and wildlife sanctuary, the park and preserve is home to many species of birds, turtles, snakes and fox. To take care of overgrown grass problems, the park has even adopted a family of goats as an eco-friendly alternative to gas guzzling mowers.
With the studies of over 2,500 scientists from over 150 different countries attributing the causes of climate change to humans, it's refreshing to see positive projects sprouting right in my back yard. Likewise, as the need to go green demands our attention, more harmful landfills will be turned back to they way they once were.

"I am proud that our innovative governmental initiatives are attracting the attention of governments around the globe," said Mark Bonilla, the Town of Hempstead Town Clerk. "I hope that many other governments will be able to benefit from our very positive experience."

With innovative thinkers and compassionate go-getters proving that you can turn even the most disgusting landfill into the most beautiful nature preserve, there is no limit to the green movement.So with confidence from out current efforts and hope for a sustainable future, I encourage everyone to use environmentally friendly promotional items, appreciate the earth we live in and work together to reverse the negative impacts of climate change.  

Product Recommendation: Fair Trade Coffee Mug Stuffers

October 14, 2009 09:57 by Sarah

Let's be real here, some of us just can't get through the day without a little caffeine boost. That first cup of coffee in the morning can open our eyes, get our blood pumping and help us function for the rest of the day. But are you being fair to the planet with you get your daily coffee fix? I'm not just talking about bringing your refillable mug to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, I'm talking about the actual product itself. What kind of coffee are you drinking and more important, is it fair trade?

Here's  a great statement regarding Fair Trade from the Green Mountain Cafe blog:

"The ideals of Fair Trade are simple and well-intended: break the cycle of poverty by offering farmers a price floor and a ready marketplace for their products, and in exchange win assurances of eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices. In theory this cycle should lead to an upward spiral of increasing economic stability and product quality."

By choosing Fair Trade coffee, you will be supporting local farmers who work hard to be on the same scale as big business. Not only will you helping to build and sustain better trade practices, but you will be indulging in product that is free of pesticides and organic in nature. Bottom line: fair trade coffee is just better.

So why not give some fair trade coffee as a gift? These organic fair trade mug stuffers are a simple and affordable way to promote your business, help out hard working farmers and give people their daily caffeine kick. Your logo or message will be printed in full color, leaving you with an amazingly attractive promotion that's good all around!

Getting Green for the Holidays

October 13, 2009 13:55 by Jenn

As the temperature drops each day, we are slowly being reminded that the holiday season is on its way. "Global Warming?" some doubters may say, "It's freezing out here!" Of course these people aren't looking at the big picture. They aren't considering the massive amounts of cars emiting harmful gases or the tons of trash piling up in land fills. However, you do understand the risks global warming poses on us, so this holiday season, give the Earth the gift of sustainability with these eco-friendly holiday cards.
During the holiday season everyone will be rushing around to find the best gifts for their loved ones. With all the hustle and bustle, everyone looks forward to returning home to a warm and cozy home to spend time with their loved ones. To make these relaxing moments at home even more picture perfect, send recycled paper holiday cards to the people who helped your business flourish all year long. 
While eco-friendly holiday gifts may be just what you need to show respect to employees and appreciation to clients, budgets may prevent just as luxurious corporate gifts. Thankfully, these eco-friendly holiday cards can send just as much joy this holiday season. There are even awesome plantable holiday cards to choose from. That means you'll send a wish for, "Happy Holidays" now and flowers will be blooming in your name some spring time.

A Promotional Passport to our National Parks

October 6, 2009 16:24 by Jenn

I recently found myself doing the anti-eco-friendly thing and watching some television. After flipping through the war-torn news and giggle-inducing cartoons, I found the most eco-friendly program possible; The National Parks: America's Best Idea. This 12-hour, six-part documentary explores every crevasse of the United States from the Grand Canyon all the way up to Acadia National Park.
Documentary film maker, Ken Burns, the creator of this series said, "Our film celebrates the beauty of these parks and the vision and foresight of the men and women who made sure that this land would be preserved." So with environmentally friendly products in hand, I sat back and enjoyed this fascinating film with sustainability in mind.

As a child I spent most summers breathing in the pine soaked air, bathing in clear, fresh water, and admiring the beauty that is Acadia Nation Park in Maine. As I got older, my family traveled out west where I was able to explore even more of the United State’s great National Parks. My father became such an enthusiast that he bought the ultimate National Park’s promotional item, the custom passport. In the portion of the documentary that I watched, a former park ranger explained how owning one of these Passports was a sign of being a real National Park “nerd.” Seriously, he's even got a promotional travelers wallet to keep his National Park's passport safe.
The clever Passport to Your National Parks includes maps, photographs and pre-visitation information. The bulk of the passport is speciall designed pages with space for signature stamps from each of the 391 National Park areas in the United States. That’s 391 amazing places to visit on over 84 million acres. Every time my family visits a new National Park my father asks for the stamp and we all visit the gift store to check out the promotional products. There is custom apparel that every member of my family owns and there is always an abundance of outdoor promotional items. In the true spirit of a National Park, there have always been a plethora of custom eco-friendly items.

This new documentary was premiered on the open green at Central Park last month and has already garnered a great amount of publicity. I recommend watching the series because you'll gain a great appreciation of the United States and you'll be inspired to venture out and visit some of these great sites.

Product Recommendation: Organic Bag Recycler

October 6, 2009 10:42 by Sarah

There's absolutely no reason not to use reusable totebags when grocery shopping or running errands. It's better for the environment, and frankly it's much more comfortable to be able to sling a tote bag on your shoulder than to deal with the plastic cutting into your hands. And considering the fact that 380 billion plastic bags are used in the US every year, reusable tote bags just seem like the way to go.

However, there are those days when you get to the grocery store or Wal-Mart and you realize that the reusable totes are back home in your closet. It happens. You bring in the totes and just forget to put them back in the car or you're in a rush and you leave them behind. So faced with an immense amount of grocery shopping, you've got a decision to make. You could spend 99 cents (possibly more) and end up with more reusable tote bags. You could try and get paper bags, which sadly has become more difficult task at several grocery stores. Finally, you can decide with a heavy heart that plastic is the way to go, but you swear to yourself that you will reuse those bags again and again to pay for your uneco-friendly sins. So you save the bags in a drawer and reuse them whenever possible.

Except that saving those bags takes up plenty of space in that drawer and you often don't think about it. And that's why the Gemline Organic Bag Recycler is so awesome. Livig in a small apartment and lacking drawer space, I decided to get one and hang it over my garbage can. My reasoning was three fold:

1. I needed the space in the drawer.

2. It would keep the plastic bags in my line of vision and I'd be reminded to use them more often.

3. It's cute and it looks great under my awesome Reduce, Reuse, Recycle sign that's hanging on my wall.

It's made of organic cotton, so already that's a positive step in the right direction and it does remind me to reuse my plastic bags. I grabbed a couple on my way to the supermarket on Sunday and while I got weird looks from the cashier when reusing my bags, I really didn't care. As far as I'm concerned, I made the mistake of having to use these bags in the first place and there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to use them again. So don't let your bad environmental choices sit in a drawer and take up much needed space for pots and pans. Let them stare you in the face every single day. While I only got one of these for myself, I'd have to say I'd be a fan of any company who chose to give them out as their promotion. After all, if they make the same decision and hang up the Gemline Organic Bag Recycler, they'll be seeing that company's logo every day as well.

Get an Eco-Friendly Smile

October 2, 2009 11:44 by Jenn

Every time I hear about a new line of eco-friendly products it brings a smile to my face. (Especially if they're eco-friendly promotional items.) Now, that smile can be environmentally friendly too! The nation's first green dental office, Transcendentist Inc. opened its doors to patients in 2003. It has since dedicated itself to providing excellence in dentistry and reducing its carbon footprint. From the recycled bark wall paper to the eco-friendly cleaning products, this is the most sustainable dentist's office around.
"In 2008, Dr. Pockrass and wife Ina Pockrass Co-Founded The Eco-Dentistry Association, making it easy and cost-effective for the dental industry to make the shift to green practices, and educating the public about the benefits of eco-friendly dentistry. They created the organization as the next step in their long-standing commitment to transforming dentistry." - Taken from the official Transcendentist Website
They are now making their environmentally friendly dentist products available world-wide. With a focus on reducing waste, they have created the perfect cloths made from surgical grade cotton poly, 100% lint-free cotton or bamboo-organic cotton fleece. By reusing stronger and sterile cloths you’ll be saving 5,000 pieces of paper and 5,000 pieces of plastic each year. By eliminating wasteful paper towels, dental offices will be living more sustainably and saving money!        
The great folks at Transcendentist even considered their patients and now offer promotional dental products like eco-friendly tooth brushes. As dental offices all over the world begin to switch over to eco-friendly products, more people will want to be their patients. This will create a fruitful office and a higher demand for awesome dentists giveaways. With items ranging from head rest covers to bibs, this eco-friendly business is the leader of sustainable dentistry.