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Going for Green (and Gold) at the 2010 Winter Olympics

February 18, 2010 13:28 by Jenn

In anticipation of the Winter Olympics 2010, I blogged about Eco Friendly Promotional Products at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. I featured the best in environmentally friendly products and we even heard PPAI board member, Sherri Lennarson's opinion of eco-giveaways at the Olympics. With all of the excitement of the upcoming winter events, I failed to feature any of the awesome athletes competing for a place on the podium and piece of history.
Las night, the United States had a golden showing with 3 athletes rising to fame on the highest level of the podium. Women's downhill skier, Lindsey Vonn took home gold after nursing an injury. And Shaun White dominated in snowboarding, leaving a wide gap between him and any of the competition because of his technique including the ridiculous sounding menu item (just kidding) the Double McTwist 1260 on half-pipe.

Tonight, there's another 2010 winter Olympics athlete on a quest for gold. But for Hannah Teter, the reigning women's snowboarding gold medalist, it's all about going green. She competes tonight with her sponsors, Samsung boasting her skills, but regardless of if she gets Gold, Silver or shunned, she'll still be on the quest for Green.
"Hannah's a real outspoken proponent of organic foods and green living," said Amen Teter, her agent and brother. "We've yet to really bump into any sponsors who can fit that into their platform, but I think down the line that's definitely something she's interested in."

Any takers? If she nabs another gold, Amen Teter believes it will increase his sister's branding by 50%. She's rising to fame and even landed a spot in Sports Illustrated accompanied by only three other 2010 Winter Olympians. She's also released her own line of panties called "Sweet Cheeks" in an effort to raise funds for Haiti. With charitable promotions and sustainability on her mind, I can see a bright future for this snowboarding star.
President and CEO of marketing agency rEvolution, John Rowady added, "Hannah needs to continue to create her own style that will help separate her from the pack. She also needs to surround herself with sponsors and brands that embrace her style, and also those sponsors that are committed to building a snowboarding lifestyle that people are attracted to."

Eco Friendly Promotional Products at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

December 7, 2009 11:11 by Jenn

Listen up multi-million dollar sponsors of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Are you training to snag the gold medal? You don't have to watch the carbs or pump iron anymore. Just choose environmentally friendly products and you could be the business standing at the top of the awards podium.
Sherri Lennarson, PPAI board chair, said, "Apparel and souvenirs with the iconic rings, host city logos and designs from participating countries help create the sense of team spirit and unity associated with the Olympic Games." Imagine the great exposure you'll gain when your logo is imprinted next to the infamous 5 rings for an audience that covers each of the continents. Lennardson added, "Some of the world’s leading corporations invest millions of dollars in Olympic sponsorships for the widespread brand exposure and association with such a historic event."
PPAI is excited for the promotional product opportunities the Olympics bring and are especially thrilled to inform us that many sponsoring companies will be using environmentally friendly promotional items to gain notability at the upcoming events. What better way to promote sustainability then when given the stage in front of every nation in the world.

Leaders from many nations, included United States president, Barak Obama, will be meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark this week to discuss climate change goals. The United States and China are responsible for half of the world's emissions and are therefore a major focus of this week’s international summit. While negotiations are made and new ideas generated, it's important to stay proactive.
While eco-friendly promotional items will give every country and various companies’ great exposure, they will be especially important for China and the United States. Let's make a bold statement of change and sustainability by arming our best athletes in eco-friendly apparel.

If winning gold for your environmentally friendly efforts at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics isn't enough, consider another gold medal opportunity. Many people take pride in collecting promotional items from the Olympics because of their huge value. “Mascots, pins and stamps have become highly-sought after items, allowing spectators to have ownership of a part of history,” said PPAI board chair, Lennarson. “An Olympic pin from the 1960 Olympic Games can sell for nearly $300 today," Lennardson added.
Now with eco-friendly promotional giveaways you can get notability and become a part of history. Let's gear up in our eco-friendly outerwear, cling to the fun eco-friendly giveaways and go for the gold at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.