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Deck the Halls For Less: Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts & Tips

November 4, 2009 09:21 by Jenn

This holiday season shoppers are being encouraged to buy pricier eco-friendly products though consumer studies have shown that they will also be spending less money. However, due to unique eco-friendly shopping incentives and fun promotional environmentally friendly products, this holiday season will be just as jolly as the last.

Due to the tight economy, only 62% of companies are planning holiday festivities for their employees, a drastic cut-back of 15% from last year. But luckily, with the addition of budget holiday gifts and some good-ole compromise, many companies are retaining their holiday traditions.
Potluck luncheons are being adopted, asking employees to bring in a special holiday dish and reimbursing them for their spending. This puts a special home-cooked touch on each holiday party and dismisses expensive catering hall fees and tips. By moving the party from a fancy restaurant to the company office abides by tighter budgets and also creates a more casual party experience.

Of course, no company holiday party is complete without the addition of company holiday gifts. To be the most cost effective and sustainable, administrators are being urged to use eco-friendly corporate gifts. Cool bamboo products are a popular choice for employees because it will make them feel appreciated and give them a wonderful item for the home or office. There are even bamboo USB drives to consider. Of course more traditional promotional chocolate and corporate gifts are also available. But with eco-friendliness all the rage and pressing budgets hovering, environmentally friendly corporate gifts are the perfect choice.
To help bring in the holiday season, wide-spread chain stores are even joining in on the eco-friendly holiday fun. Home Depot is offering a rare incentive to do holiday decoration shopping with them. By bringing in your old strings of lights, customers will receive $3 coupons towards new, energy efficient, LED lights. This then saves an additional 80% of energy for its users. Likewise, power-drills will be accepted for trade-ins, giving a 15% off coupon towards a new lithium-ion batteried power-drill. Home Depot will then recycle the massive energy consuming items in the most proper way.
The promotions, running from November 5th to 15th for lights and November 5th to 8th for power-drills, hopes to make customer's more earth-aware while boosting sales and satisfying everyone’s holiday decorating budgets.

With advances in eco-friendliness and an abundance of eco-friendly corporate gifts, we can expect more environmentally friendly and happy holiday seasons for years to come.