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Fun Companies at the Go Green Expo

March 22, 2010 13:09 by Jenn

After a weekend well spent at the Go Green Expo in New York City, I can truly say that I've been greenified. I shook hands and made friends in sustainable businesses ranging from family run recycled jewelry makers to worldwide energy friendly car manufacturers. So what's the sustainable scoop?
Both environmentally concerned businesses and environmentally sustainable run businesses joined together to showcase the best in their products and services. It was amazing to see so many businesses revamping to include eco-friendly standards. It is important to know that going green cannot happen over night, but through steady applications of eco-friendliness, innovative thinking and customer consideration, it can be achieved.
Two of the most interesting business I had the pleasure of hearing from are below. 

The Tooth Fairy and dentist, Sandra Senzon, has a line of natural product dedicated to keeping your teeth clean without harmful bleaching and detrimental chemicals. The booth featured a line of products that support her book, “Reversing Gum Disease Naturally.” This woman is dedicated and passionate about her job, which led to awesome innovations. Spread out across the front of her table were her original Tooth Fairy City comic books.

Sandra took the time to explain some of the 5 different comics she’s already completed with tales of the forbidden candy factory. These great comics are available for purchase and are a great idea for school programs. After flipping through the fun illustrations and dynamic text, I was reminded of our promotional coloring books. From the importance of buckling up, to recycling education and home safety books, there’s something for every occasion.
JoiTees was another company that impressed me. Creator and designer, Joi Dawn seemed like a seasoned performer. After approaching her booth, she immediately made us feel welcomed and began explaining her organic/eco-friendly tee shirts in a fun and engaging way. Just like she was telling a story, Joi explained the imprints on each shirt and their origins. You’ll have to sign up to have her as a speaker to get the whole low down, but let me tell you it is quite the story!

Some imprints include, "My coochie is not a hoochie," "My butt is not a slut," and "C3 Calm, Cool, Collected." She went on to explain that they have both Breast Cancer and AIDs awareness tees. This immediately interested me because of our great selection of awareness products. That said, my favorite imprint? "I'm 100% Positive, except for my test results." I love bold statements.

One things for certain, these eco-friendly minded businesses have a whole lot of creativity. Stay tuned for more featured Go Green Expo products and services. Check out our environmentally friendly products in the meantime.