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Mini Dyno LED Keychain

December 12, 2008 11:24 by Admin

 Custom Printed Promotional Item:  Mini Dyno LED Keychain

Promotional Mini Dyno LED Keychain

Make sure recipients are never caught in the dark. This handy and eco-friendly custom imprinted dynamo LED light key ring will be used and appreciated for years to come. Just crank and you have light, no batteries required.

Environmentally Friendly Roadside Emergency Car Kit

June 24, 2008 17:24 by Admin

Corporate Roadside Emergency Car Kit

Personalized Roadside Emergency Car Kit 

For your next safety or Green promotion, consider a custom imprinted Environmentally Friendly Roadside Emergency Car Kit.   This Crank-up Roadside Emergency Car Kit provides flashlight functions, AM/FM Radio, RED flashing emergency light, Siren, reading lamp with three WHITE LED lights, and charging capability for cell phones,  iPods, MP3 players and PDA's. It has no batteries, therefore it's great for emergency situations and natural disasters. The Eco Friendly Roadside Car Emergency Kit is great for corporate gifts, traveling sales reps, insurance agents and more.

Eco-Friendly Ideas with Promotional Products

June 20, 2008 16:05 by Admin

Motivators' own Anthony showcases some eco-friendly promotional products and gives some great ideas on how to use them for your next promotion.
Check out the items discussed in the video:
Cotton Tote Bag
Hand Powered Flashlight
Promotional Lunch Bag
Promotional Ceramic Mug

Custom Crank Up Emergency Light

May 28, 2008 22:42 by Admin

Crank Up Emergency Light

Custom Printed Crank Up Emergency Light

The perfect item to have in case of an emergency; this powerful emergency flashlight doesn't need batteries and has a built in compass. This custom imprinted emergency light is a great way to pro mote being eco-conscious as well. If everyone used crank powered flashlights we would add millions fewer harmful batteries to landfills each year.