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The Top 5 Energy Startups in the World

September 15, 2011 16:55 by Brandon

If you're a green kind of person, then you probably love the idea of doing business with eco-responsible businesses and organizations. Additionally, probably the best kind of corporation to support is a startup.  A startup company, according to Wikipedia, is a company that's only recently begun operating.  Of all the young companies in the world, energy startups could use your support the most.  Let's take a look at the top five new energy corporations, derived from Energy Digital's list.

1. Sapphire Energy

This small company has created a "Green Crude" that can be used in refineries, pipelines and pump stations.  The product is a "drop-in gasoline alternative" and its main benefit is that it can work with existing petroleum infrastructures.  The company's CEO vows it will try to "produce one-million gallons of algae diesel and jet fuel each year in the next two years" and create "one-billion gallons of fuel a year by 2025."

2. BrightSource Energy

The Oakland, California-based startup, which is backed by Google, is currently developing the world's largest solar thermal plant.  Although it's only been in existence a short while, BrightSource Energy has already worked with the likes of BP and Morgan Stanley.

3. Transphorm

Transphorm, another new corporation located in California, has recently developed a new energy conversion technology.  Its secret?  Gallium Nitride.  With it, the company hopes to reinstate energy that's lost during the electricity conversion process.

4. PowerbyProxi

Did you know that electricity could be transferred wirelessly? PowerbyProxi specializes in this unusual process that converts power magnetically, allowing it to travel through the air.  PowerbyProxi hopes to use this technology for battery charging, control systems, etc.

5. Solazyme

This startup's main focus is creating biofuels for fighter jets, ground vehicles and naval ships used by the U.S. military.  Solazyme recently celebrated a huge accomplishment:  It used algal biofuel to run a military helicopter flight.  Algae biofuel is an up-and-coming form of energy.

There are clearly some great innovations being made in the world of alternative energy.  We applaud these startups, as well as the others that made Energy Digital's top ten list and many more throughout the world.  Alternative energy is the key to our future!

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