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Natural Disaster Survival Kit

August 30, 2011 09:22 by Nick

If you're living on the East Coast, you're probably one of the millions who are on-edge about natural disasters. It's okay, it's completely normal to feel that - especially after two small magnitude earthquakes and a hurricane all within one week. And with the formation and official announcement of Hurricane Katia sometime during the week, it's very possible that this could only be the beginning. 

But to play it safe, it is best to make sure you have an emergency kit lined up. We know the damage a hurricane can cause once inland and know that Hurricane Irene (and the earthquakes) were only minimal. Since we know the continental US, especially the region from Virginia to Maine, is not invincible when it comes to these type of disasters, it's always good to plan ahead.

See straight:
As mentioned right before the storm, it is important to see where you are going. And with residents of Long Island expected to be without power until Friday and the sunset expected to be no later than 8:00pm until then, it's incredibly difficult to lead somewhat of a normal life when not being able to see. I lent my aunt and uncle a custom imprinted 12 LED Multi-Function Dynamo Lantern by Garrity and they found it to be so useful that they decided to entertain guests. It was well-received and was able to brighten the kitchen and attached living room with a great amount of ease. A custom imprinted lantern is best for brightening up a room and because of that, it's best to have one for the major rooms: the living room, a bathroom, kitchen, etc.
When going for a walk to assess damage or for traveling through your house, a promotional flashlight is best. Motivators carries many promotional flashlights, ranging in size from the custom imprinted Enviro Flashlight to the promotional Rechargeable Spotlight. These will work best because they either don't require batteries or use rechargeable batteries. 

Save food:
With your power out, the food in your refrigerator and freezer will slowly start to defrost and eventually spoil. When attempting to eat anything in your refrigerator, it's a race against the clock when it comes to ingesting anything. But what about days after the incident? Sure, you can order take-out or delivery but what about those snacks in between?
A handful of custom imprinted lunch bags, when left in the fridge prior to the power-outtage, will keep your food colder and for longer. And to further extend the shelf-life of this food, be sure to throw in a few freezer packs. The custom imprinted Recycled 12 Can Convertible Duffel Cooler Bag is certainly a must-have for any household. And for panty food, a small handful of custom imprinted bag clips will keep everything you open fresh and tasting great for an extended period of time.
And what about your pet? If roads are too treacherous and your pet food is too scarce, don't you want to preserve their food as long as possible? The custom imprinted Pet Food Cover fits on most cat-food and dog-food cans and will keep it like new. Best of all, it has a large imprint area and is biodegradable.

Stay tuned:
"Let's watch a movie...oh, let's just play a video, I just need to use the phone..."
Everything we use relies heavily on electricity. But with the electricity out, the only devices that tend to work are smartphones - and even these will only last a few days until needing to be charged.
Luckily, there are several promotional electronic chargers on our website, including the Portable Solar Charger. This charger can charge Blackberry, iPhone and other USB-dependent devices. And with this incredible portability, you'll be able to bring it wherever you please. 
And to keep up with the storm, be sure to have a custom imprinted radio on-hand. Motivators has some radios that crank and require no batteries. We even sell one promotional radio that has a cell phone charger and flashlight attached. 

File -> Save As:
When evacuating, you want to bring as little as possible with you. It's all about getting to a safe place, to higher ground, not saving menial possessions. So when it comes to your computer, leave it at home. Instead, back up all your information onto a promotional flash drive. Whether your computer or laptop works when you come back to the apartment or house, you'll be reassured knowing your personal information and files will be salvaged - even when your computer might not be. And best of all, you'll be able to save time and car space by choosing to pack a promotional flash drive as opposed to an entire computer.

Here at Motivators, we put safety for you and others on the top of a long list of philosophies and priorities. If you need help finding these or any other promotional products, feel free to give us a call and speak to our friendly sales staff.