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How to: Reuse Junk Mail for Stickers, Labels, and More!

January 3, 2012 17:00 by Bran

We can all agree that creating more trash is detrimental to our environment.  As garbage continues to collect on land and in the sea, we've all got to come up with unique ways to recycle, reuse and reduce.  One Web site, Junk Mail Gems, offers dozens of products that have been made from items that once belonged in a landfill.

Junk Mail Gems also features tips on how to reuse litter that's piling up in your home.  For example, the Web site suggests utilizing unused business reply envelopes from junk mail for stickers and labels.  Let's go over the simple steps to transforming the junk into something useful!

1.  Locate unused business reply envelopes that have not yet been sealed.  These often come with credit card applications.

2.  Remove the sticky part of the envelope using a pair of scissors.

3.  Cut up the sticky flap into smaller pieces.  For example, you can divide it into squares if you'd like to make envelope seals.  Alternatively, you can cut longer strips for use as name plates and labels.

4.  On the non-sticky side of each piece, draw a custom design!  Have fun with this; everyone will love your special stickers.

5.  When you're ready to use your new stickers and labels, lick the back and place them on envelopes, in notebooks, etc.  If you've cut the paper into longer strips, you can utilize your new stickers as name plates for labeling your personal possessions!

That's just one way to reuse unwanted mail.  Can you think of any others?