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The Power-Hog for Eco-Friendliness

November 16, 2009 16:46 by Jenn
The 2nd Greener Gadgets Conference came to New York City on February 27th to judge the top ten green gadgets. One of the contenders caught my eye for its creativity and in both concept and design. The Power-Hog is a device created in the form of a piggy bank.

Just like a normal pig, the Power Hog has a tail – that is a power plug.
Just like our promotional piggy banks the Power Hog also has a coin slot – with a special sensor. Just like your average old pig, the Power-Hog has a big ole' snout – that functions as an outlet.
With these special features added, The Power Hog is able to perform an essential eco-friendly duty: Make children aware of their energy consumption. They are designed to sensitize children to the importance of conserving energy by creating a pay-for-your-energy piggy bank. For every 30 minutes of power, a coin must be inserted in the piggy bank.

Like our eco-friendly promotional items, the Power-Hog is made from 100% recyclable materials. Though these are not promotional products now, I can see a great future for the Power-Hog as an environmentally friendly promotional item. In particular, I think having a Power-Hog in every classroom would be extremely beneficial to all.
For instance teachers can help advocate eco-friendliness by attaching the power hog to the classroom computer. Now, to use the computer, students will have to insert a coin. This will help them to value their time on the computer and all other electrical devices.

By targeting children as the consumer, the Power-Hog is spreading eco-friendliness like seeds. As these children grow up being more energy-aware, their behaviors will coincide with sustainability. Though my vote for the winner of the Green Gadgets conference was definitely going to the Power-Hog, it missed the gold prize and took second. Congrats. By inspiring our youth to think green, we're raising a more conscientious and eco-friendly generation. Oink. Oink.