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Spotlight: 3 Cards with Raffia Bow

February 8, 2012 11:14 by Nick

Fellow men, this is your official reminder from Motivators: Valentine's Day is exactly a week away. 

According to this article, men tend to forget important anniversaries and holidays because they are genetically wired to focus on outside threats and factors that might interfere with the comfort level at home. While it is true that we no longer forrage for food and have many preditors, these factors could include health, financial and social class security. 

So, if you've spent the last few years forgetting Valentine's Day until the last minute (or having to pick up something on the ride home from work) you may want to pay a little more attention to this post.

This post will focus on the custom imprinted 3 Cards with Raffia Bow. This is sure to wow your wife, girlfriend, mother - whoever the Valentine in your life is. These cards and envelopes are made of 100% recycled paper and include your favorite seeds. Simply handwrite something romantic (sorry, you're on your own for this) and give it to them. They can plant the letter and watch it grow to become parsley, wildflowers or even a pine tree. All three cards (perfect for a parent or child) are wrapped in a very beautiful raffia bow. 

Spotlight: Non Woven Executive Umbrella With Bamboo Shaft - 48" Arc

January 3, 2012 13:57 by Nick

It starts with Halloween. For the next two months, it seems that we are constantly blindsided by holidays. Whether it is Hannukah, Christmas, New Year's Eve or Thanksgiving, there's no denying that this time is both strenuous and a pleasure.

Once the new year begins, there isn't another holiday like that for about a month and a half. Valentine's Day, which falls on February 14 of every year, is a holiday that celebrates love in every shape and form. Whether it's going big by buying a diamond ring or simply writing something nice in a promotional notebook, it's the day where promotional candy and love is in high quantities. 

If the weather calls for rain that day, consider either staying in for dinner and a movie or take him/her out under your custom imprinted Non Woven Executive Umbrella with Bamboo Shaft - 48" Arc. This umbrella has a whopping 48" arc, perfect for sharing with that special one but small enough to keep the two people bundled together. The handle is made of a very comfortable and natural bamboo and the awning it made of 30 GSM water resistant lamination and 50 gram polypropylene. Simply open or close the umbrella by hand and you'll have a romantic gesture that is sure to get his/her attention.