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Spotlight: BioAd Trekker II Travel Mug

February 12, 2014 13:49 by Nick

We are a very patriotic nation. With the Olympics on Sochi, that feeling of love for our country and its talented individuals has only intensified.

We at Motivators are no exception, especially with promotional products. We love our USA-made products very much. 

That's why this week's Spotlight item is the custom imprinted BioAd Trekker II Travel Mug. In addition to being a US-made product, it is also an eco-friendly product made of durable biodegradable plastic. It holds 22 oz. of your recipient's favorite hot or cold temperature and keeps it at the ideal temperature for longer than traditional mugs and cups, thanks to its open/close lid and the double wall construction. Add very trendy colors like "Sky Blue," "Sage Green" and "Thunderbolt Blue" and you have a promotion that is stellar.

For those in the Northeast prepping for heavy snowfall - be ready and relaxed for any future storms by enjoying your favorite hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate in this mug.


BioAd Trekker II Insulated Travel Mug

Throw an Eco-Friendly New Year's Eve Party

December 30, 2013 13:06 by Bran

New Year's Eve is just around the corner (tomorrow, actually!). And if you've vowed to be kinder to the earth in 2014, why not start at your New Year's Eve party? Here's one way you can make your event a bit eco-friendlier: Purchase your party supplies from Susty Party.

According to Mashable, Susty Party, which was founded by Emily Doubilet, is a line of environmentally-friendly products that "[make] sustainability fun." The company's party supplies are not just sustainable, but also stylish, colorful and made in the USA. Impressive!

Doubilet told Mashable that in 2014, Susty Party will launch a new line of products including printed wooden cutlery, larger paper cups, an eco-friendly version of the SOLO cup, cocktail straws, paper napkins and a bioplastic tablecloth. Products should be available in select stores by January.

What other eco-friendly brands do you enjoy?

Spotlight: Certified Organic Cotton Lanyard - 3/4"

August 14, 2013 16:10 by Nick

Think back to your college days. Not the time you made your way to receive your diploma on stage or even your finals. Think back to before all that - when you were just an incoming freshman. Think of all the expressionless faces of people equally nervous and excited for what the future had in store. Now flash-forward to your current or last job. Did you have a difficult time remembering the name of an employee? Maybe it was someone you were hoping to connect with at a trade show.

Knowing someone's name is more important than you think. In college, knowing someone's name was a great way to start a conversation and could lead to an acquaintance, someone who you bounced ideas off of, a friend or even a budding romance. Once out of college, knowing someone's name is how to start the networking process and could lead to personal and company morale boosts. 

So how do we learn people's names? While the best process is (and will always be) to approach another person and strike a conversation, there are other ways that are less intimidating and less time-consuming.

We place ID tags on lanyards! In college, we loved receiving a promotional lanyard bearing our school's name on the first day and attaching our ID or name tag to it. At trade shows, we are often greeted at the door with a similar lanyard, bearing the sponsors and name of the trade show. Some companies even go as far as to include a printed lanyard with an employees' new key card.

This week's Spotlight item is the Certified Organic Cotton Lanyard. The organic cotton material is biodegradable over time and is a brilliant off-white color. Best of all, this 34" - 35" lanyard has an array of attachments to choose from, none of which are more than $0.10 apiece. (while supplies last) The lanyard is screenprinted using your choice of step/repeat method or continuous print method. The production time is only 5 business days and 24 hour rush delivery is only one phone call away.


Spotlight: Shampoo Bar

July 31, 2013 10:12 by Nick

If there's anything one can gather from my blog posts, it is my fanatical interest in all things music-related and my knowledge of eco-friendly promotional products. So it was no surprise that this past weekend I found myself in Newport, RI for the annual Folk Festival. This festival celebrates folk music while bringing about eco-friendly initiatives in a subtle fashion. How else could you watch musical artists like Beck, Feist, The Avett Brothers and The Lumineers on wind-powered stages and eat food from solar-powered trucks off biodegradable plates and bowls? Where else could you find beer supplied from the very eco-friendly Newport Storm brewery served in biodegradable, corn plastic cups?

This being my second time attending the festival, I made an effort to be more eco-friendly. I brought a solar-powered backpack to charge my phone, made sure I picked up any trash I saw and even had a refillable water bottle.

But it was the Shampoo Bar that I bought at the festival that I felt set me apart. I often overlook what chemicals are in soaps and shampoos and that these chemicals not only hang onto my body or go into my body but also go down the drain. I immediately became fascinated by the solid, soap-bar shape of their shampoo. Once over the temporary awe that shampoo doesn't have to be liquefied, I got compliments on the fragrance and how healthy my hair looked. 

Once I got back from the festival, I boasted about my newfound discovery and am proud to say we now offer custom imprinted Shampoo Bars on our website. This product is very similar to the one I purchased in that it has a light fragrance of Natural Orange Oils and is made in the USA. This Shampoo Bar doubles as soap and can be used safely on the body and scalp. My skin and hair have never felt better. This is partly because of the earth-friendly formula and the fortified Vitamin B, C and E inside each bar. Very few shampoos and soap bars in your supermarket can boast that claim.

You not only have the opportunity to print your brand on the wrapper of each bar but an opportunity to deboss the Shampoo Bar itself! While there are no rush orders available on these bars, rest assured that the wait will be worth the while. At a mere $1.29 each (starting at 300 pieces with discounts for larger quantities) this item will be a unique alternative to the tote bags, pens and t-shirts that you find at trade shows. This also makes a stellar, inexpensive gift for bed-and-breakfast guests.

New and Improved Browsing

July 17, 2013 13:05 by Nick

Every week, I focus on an eco-friendly promotional product that is worth investigating and guaranteed to get people talking. I do this because we have a plethora of unique, green products that look stellar with a custom imprint. 

This week, instead of focusing on another product, I am handing the reins off to you, the reader. If you find yourself on this blog and reading this post, it is most likely because you know that eco-friendly products are popular and essential to improving the environment we all call home. You may also find yourself here because you know that we can help you in finding that perfect item.

It's true that just one call from us gets you to a salesperson who touches and handles these products everyday. For your convenience and to help bring inspiration, we improved the browsing capabilities on our website, including our eco-friendly products.

Once on the eco-friendly products page found here, you'll see the page below. The far-left column shows you all of our subcategories. (see red arrow) For example, if you know that you want an eco-friendly product and that you may be interested in a t-shirt, you would click on Eco-Friendly Apparel

If you aren't exactly sure where to start, don't fret. We have featured 24 of the best items - hand selected based on a variety of factors including customer feedback, sales and quality. (see purple arrow below)

Still unsure? We haven't given hope on you yet! We designed an advanced filtering system that lets you filter through our products. Need to spend less than a dollar and need a product in-hands as soon as possible? With just two clicks, I found 24 products that are under $1 and have 1 day production. (see brown arrows, below) 

If you've scrolled down to the bottom of the page and you're still not having luck, you can click on the orange banner. Once clicked, you see all of our eco-friendly products next to each other arranged by price. You can rearrange them to see the top selling products first, the newest products first or even rank the products by customer rating. (see blue arrow, below)

As always, we have sales representatives waiting to assist. They are very good at brainstorming ideas and helping you find exactly what you need. Give them a call today or try your hand at our improved search capabilities. 

Spotlight: Eco-Friendly Compartment Plate

June 26, 2013 11:29 by Nick

After focusing on solar powered electronics, sport bottles made of recycled materials and gardening accessories, it is time for us to introduce something new - an eco-friendly disposable plate.

Our custom imprinted Eco-Friendly Compartment Plate is made of recycled materials and has a 10" diameter, making it the perfect size for stowing away when not in use and piling on food when needed. These plates are divided into three compartments (two small, one large) for preventing small drips, small spills and keeping the flavors/consistency of each food intact. 

The best part of this plate isn't what it can do during the meal but after the meal is finished. Once finished, your clients/patrons will see your logo imprinted on the plate - a guarantee to make a lasting impression. The plate can then be turned into compost in just under two months. The bigger the party, the more you are helping out the environment.

So if you're planning a company picnic, school function or summer barbecue, avoid the sleeve of paper/plastic plates and get these recyclable, compostable, imprintable Compartment Plates.

Spotlight: Recycled Premium Car Wash Kit

June 12, 2013 11:37 by Nick

Great! You want to start a giveaway just in time for summer. (and hopefully warm weather) Once you start your search, it can be overbearing. How exactly does one make the difficult decision on whether to get the USA-made product, the eco-friendly product, a Union-made item or something with a fast production time? 

Before making a hasty decision you could possibly regret, imagine the opportunity to have everything. Yes, a product that is Union-made in the USA, sports a quick production time and is eco-friendly to boot.

Motivators carries the perfect item for summer: the custom imprinted Recycled Premium Car Wash Kit. If your car is anything like mine, it is covered with a thick layer of airborne pollen that stands out sorely on almost any vehicle. (especially the candy-apple red color my car is) The pollen count varies by the day (i.e. Long Island's pollen count is incredibly low today and is expected to get 10x worse by the weekend) but there are other reasons to remove it off your car regularly.

Leaving pollen on a car not only looks bad but could possibly damage the paint of a car. Under a microscope, pollen is actually very jagged and sharp (great for making new plants and trees) and by sticking to your car, it can possibly remove paint altogether. Additionally, pollen left on a vehicle can clog air filters and cabin filters, resulting in an extended, intensified allergy season for you and your passengers. 

The solution? Wash your car. The Recycled Premium Car Wash Kit includes a recycled 7 quart bucket, 2 sponges, biodegradable car wash concentrate, a window squeegee and much more. The whole kit arrives packaged neatly and promptly - all thanks to a 3 day production time on pad printed logo or text.

11 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Compost

May 14, 2013 15:38 by Bran

So, you've got a great compost bin going, but you don't want to mess it up by adding toxic materials. Good call.

But you'll be happy to know that you can safely add these unusual products to your compost. Take a look at the list, courtesy of Green Diva Mom:

1. Hair

2. Cotton swabs

3. Vacuum cleaner leavings

4. Used paper towels

5. Toilet paper & paper towel rolls

6. Paper egg cartons

7. Fireplace ashes

8. Nail clippings

9. Corks

10. Dryer lint

11. Clean rags

Sounds great, right? Just be sure you don't add anything with potentially hazardous substances, as they "may introduce toxic chemicals into your compost."

Spotlight: Corn Plastic Golf Tees - 2.75 Inch

February 27, 2013 09:20 by Nick

The custom imprinted Corn Plastic Golf Tees - 2.75 Inch is a great way of subtly advertising your name or company on a budget. Sporting goods stores, golf pro shops, country clubs and miniature golf courses will consider this item beneficial. Made of corn plastic, these golf tees are great because they are a whopping 2 3/4" tall and are biodegradable. Driving ranges simply need to sweep up the excess, used tees and will biodegrade. 

Place an order now and have these phenomenal golf tees before your next golf season.

Spotlight: Corn Mug Souper & Coaster/Lid Set - 12 oz.

October 24, 2012 11:03 by Nick

With a lengthy autumn season comes an emphasis on color and produce. Every center-piece and decoration (home and in the office) has been inspired by the unique colors of folliage and crops during the season.

Want a promotional giveaway that not only has the look and feel of the season but is even made of the crops of the season? The custom imprinted Corn Mug Souper & Coaster/Lid Set - 12 oz. is a great mug with a unique design. Its matching, attached coaster matches the mug which comes in some rather vibrant colors (i.e. Ag green, Corn Silk White) and has a design that makes it perfect for sipping liquid or even soup.
But best of all, this mug is eco-friendly. It is made of 100% corn plastic, making it biodegradable. It is also microwave safe.