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5 Great Earth Day Gifts

April 15, 2014 15:53 by Bran

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to show the world that your brand cares about the environment and wants to help make the planet the better place. And what better way to do it than by giving your customers Earth Day gifts? Below are five eco-friendly promotional products that you can use to spread the word about going green this April 22:

1. Reusable Water Bottles

Did you know that more than 60 million plastic bottles make their way into incinerators and landfills every day? That's a lot of unnecessary trash. Giving away refillable water bottles encourages people to shy away from single-use plastic bottles that pollute. Motivators' frosted fitness bottle is even made from recycled materials!

2. Recycled Drawstring Backpacks

Everybody could use a spare backpack. They come in handy for short trips and vacations, going back and forth from class and work, and taking out books from the library. Motivators' recycled drawstring backpack is truly impressive because it's made from 51 percent post-consumer recycled material. Imprint it with your branding and a go green message for lots of exposure.

3. Notebooks with Recycled Paper

If you want to promote recycling, this recycled cardboard notebook is the perfect item. It shows firsthand the benefits of recycling, because its cover is made of 100 percent cardboard and it includes 100 sheets of recycled lined paper. As they say, it's important to lead by example!

4. Seed Paper Giveaways

Seed paper is one of my favorite Earth Day gifts. Seed paper is handmade and includes seeds. After the paper making process is complete, the seeds can still germinate once the paper is planted in soil. Our Earth-shaped seed paper is ideal for Earth Day. It contains wildflower seeds that will remind everyone to be eco-friendly when they bloom.

5. Recycled Umbrellas

What draws more attention than a 60 inch umbrella? Imprint this huge recycled golf umbrella with a message about Earth Day to help spread the word. It's made from 55 percent recycled polyester yarn.

Which of these Earth Day gifts is your favorite?

Spotlight: Leeds Solar Power Speakers

April 17, 2013 10:38 by Nick

Picnic-lovers, festival-goers and road-trippers, rejoice! There is a promotional product that will satisfy your musical tastes and save you time, money and eco-props by not using batteries. 

The custom imprinted Leeds Solar Power Speakers is the perfect eco-friendly way to listen to your music. The Solar Power Speaker system provides crisp, clean, competitive sound quality in a system far more portable and lighter than most battery-operated speakers. The speaker can be fully charged in direct sunlight in 9 hours or use USB technology to charge in just 2 hours. However you choose to charge this speaker system, you'll find that it'll last a long time.

This system can be used with a 3.5mm audio connector - your mp3 player, laptop, tablet, even your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.) can be connected to this speaker system instantly. With an included carrying pouch and instruction manual, this speaker system is ready for gifting and perfect for travelers.

Take advantage of discounts across the board and 3-5 day shipping opportunities today. 

Spotlight: H2O Conservation Kit

March 27, 2013 14:26 by Nick

Since grade school, we've kept with us some simple yet sufficient advice on how to help make the planet a better place for everyone. While some people keep to this advice (i.e. recycling materials such as plastic and glass, buying a car with fewer and cleaner emissions, etc.) there are just some pieces of advice that people will ignore to follow or find it difficult to. 

For those who love their shower-time and have a desire to change their habits but do little to follow through, meet the custom imprinted H2O Conservation Kit. The kit makes conserving water fun and informative. The idea is that by timing yourself in the shower and limiting yourself to how much water is used during the shower, that much-needed water can be conserved. This kit includes a 150ml drip counter, an ABS aerator and a 5 minute shower timer - all in a recycled paper gift box. The kit also includes a book on other energy saving tips - so you can start an easy and effortless lifestyle that will impact the Earth and its resources less. 

On a side note, do you habitually throw out batteries in the garbage. (I'm guilty of this too.) The H2O Conservation Kit's gift box doubles as a battery disposal box. The kit will help you in conserving water while keeping recycling on the forefront of your mind.

Earth Day 2012: A Worldwide Celebration

April 22, 2012 15:37 by Bran

It's April 22, 2012 which means it's Earth Day.  It's almost hard to believe how many people are getting involved!  Let's take a look at some of the various ways people around the world chose to make a difference:

Companies are making it easier and less expensive for consumers to go green today.  For example, MSNBC reports that Phillips is offering a 25 dollar rebate on its super-long-lasting 60 dollar LED bulbs.  That's a great price for an energy-efficient bulb that has a 20-year lifespan.  Still, the cost is much more expensive than the standard incandescent bulb.

But according to Philips North America executive Ed Crawford, "We are looking at a wholesale change in buying lighting technology, going from a disposable good to a durable good. Consumers are no longer looking at a product that will last just six months to a year, they are looking at a product that is much more efficient and will be with them for decades."

In Washington D.C., performing artist Dave Mason and pop act Kicking Daisies put on shows in support of an Earth Day rally put together by the Earth Day Network.  MSNBC reports that the organization's theme for this year's global event is to achieve one billion "acts of green."

Earth Day became a global effort in 1990. Environmentalists marched in Malang, Indonesia for an awareness-building parade. According to the Washington Post, they held "plastic bottles in protest of environmentally unsound practices."

Google's Earth Day Doodle is a perfect demonstration of how an initiative can blossom from something small into something great.  Check out the Internet search giant's Earth Day-inspired Google Doodle.  As you can see, the image depicts a garden, which spells out G-O-O-G-L-E, growing and flourishing.  According to the Washington Post, "Today, perhaps more directly than with any Earth Day Doodle previous, Google reflects the splendor that can grow, over time, out of grassroots."

For a look at more Earth Day events worldwide, check out Samantha Grossman's "Earth Day 2012: How the World Celebrates."

5 Tips for a Greener Office by Earth Day

April 17, 2012 16:06 by Bran

Asking your employees to help 'green' the office may not go over to well at first.  Let's face it:  Some people just don't want to put in the time and effort.  You can pull out all the stats and figures surrounding the negative impact of pollution and waste, but it's still hard to get people to change.

But even small steps make a difference.  Let's take a look at some easy ways to make your office green by Earth Day, courtesy of

  1. Add a few plants

    Real plants (not the waxy plastic ones) make the workplace more attractive and also help absorb indoor air pollution.  The cleaner office air is, the healthier your employees will be.

  2. Consider the environment before printing

    One organization, the Sierra Club, asserts that just one office employee uses 10,000 pieces of copy paper every year.  If you don't have to print something, don't!

  3. Let your computer sleep

    Most people have a screen saver set up.  But did you know that a screen saver uses extra energy when you step away from your desk?  You can fix this by changing your settings; choose to let your computer 'hibernate' or 'sleep' when you've walked away for 10 or more minutes.

  4. Turn off the lights

    Of course it's not healthy to be working in the dark, but if you've got a meeting or are leaving for your lunch break, dim the lights before you leave.  Conserving when possible is very important.

  5. Use an electronic to-do list

    I'm definitely someone who loves to write out my tasks on paper and cross each out as I accomplish it.  However, there are plenty of ways to electronically achieve the same thing so that no paper is wasted.  Smartphones and computers can be set up with digitized to-do lists.  If that's not an option for you, consider investing in a dry-erase board!

Tiny changes in behavior can add up to one big, green office.  Hopefully your employees' behavioral changes will translate into new, greener habits.  To read all of LiveScience's tips, click here.

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Start Planning Your Earth Day Events Now

March 2, 2011 16:12 by Daniel

It's the beginning of March, and that means Earth Day is right around the corner. On April 22, people from around the country will band together in their undying support and love for the planet Earth. Earth Day is observed in a variety of different ways, depending on where you live and how big your community is.

If you live in a city, chances are that there is going to be some kind of rally or benefit concert to raise awareness about Earth Day and the health of the planet. Other groups might be even more proactive by organizing a tree planting, environmental cleanup, or another type of eco-friendly event that will benefit the environment.

This year is a milestone for Earth Day as the holiday is celebrating its 40th anniversary. In 1970, the first Earth Day drew a crowd of 20 million Americans (quite an impressive feat considering it was the first year). Since then, Earth Day has been credited for helping to catalyze the "going green" movement, and getting legislation passed including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

Today, Earth Day is a worldwide event, and one of the planet's most valuable resources of aid and inspiration. If we can continue the Earth Day trend, we can move closer and closer to lowering our carbon footprint and eventually establishing a sustainable lifestyle.

If you are either planning an Earth Day event or considering participating in one, make sure you start planning ahead of time. You can check out the Earth Day 2011 website to browse and sign up for all the local events in your area. There are also a ton of great Earth Day giveaways that you can order and distribute in order to help raise awareness on April 22.

The larger your presence is this year, the more people you will get to come out for Earth Day. That means more participation, and a better chance of the planet staying healthy for another few billion years.


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Trash to Treasure: TerraCycle

May 3, 2010 13:29 by Jenn

Is my trash your treasure? If you own any TerraCycle products, there's a chance it was once my own trash. Because each month, over 200,000 pounds of trash end up in this eco-friendly company's warehouse to be reused in new products.

If you stepped foot into any Walmart during the Earth Day season, you may have seen their Capri-Sun pouch backpacks displayed next to bulk packs of Capri-Sun and perhaps you even purchased their Skittle package kite that was positioned next to the sweet rainbow tasting Skittles candies.
What TerraCycle does is revolutionary to the green industry. Instead of using organic materials, they use recycled materials. The image above illustrates how an ordinary Pepsi bottle and recycled spray cap are turned into the perfect plant food sprayer. Other well known brand names like Capri-Sun and Skittles are also being collected and redesigned into usable items like TerraCycle plant food, coolers and kites, to name a few.
This concept of re-using items to create new items, was displayed most artistically by some of my favroite artists, Sue Webster and Tim Noble. Their art is compiled of trash fresh off the streets of London. By projecting light through the meticulously placed trash, this duo has most certainly lived up to Terracycle's motto, "Outsmart Waste."

To collect the recyclable goods for new TerraCycle products, major companies like Kraft Foods Inc., Kellogg Co., and  and Nabisco have organized trash drives in schools. You can start your own TerraCycle brigade in your school or community too.
Other companies are sending TerraCycle their trash in hopes to offset their carbon footprints. Cumbersome cardboard boxes and wasteful plastic wrap used to package goods are usually tossed into dumps, but by donating these materials to TerraCycle, businesses are able to contribute to sustainable living.
Unfortunately, as this garbage is sent to TerraCycle warehouses there is not enough demand to produce more materials. Their eco-friendly initiatives are making a dent, but after a major Earth Day promotion, they're still seeing losses.

Retailers are being urged to carry TerraCycle items and with hope that they're able to survive in our economy, larger scale eco-friendly products can be created and even greater environmentally friendly initiatives can be taken.

Earth Day...It's About Tomorrow

April 22, 2010 09:31 by Sarah

40 years ago, on April 22nd, 1970 Gaylord Nelson took a stand for the environment. The democratic Govenor of Wisconson founded Earth Day as "an environmental demonstration" designed to teach people about conservation issues. The premise was simple: "All people, regardless of race, gender, income, or geography have a moral right to a healthy sustainable environment." One might argue that truer words have never been spoken.

40 years ago, on April 22nd, 1970, 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day. Today, it is estimated that 1.5 BILLION people will undertake 31 billion acts of green organized by 19,000 organizations in 190 countries. This astounding fact shows how far we've come in the past 40 years, but one monumental truth remains: the damage facing our environment is more prominent than ever. I now pose a question:  Yes, Earth Day is today. But what about tomorrow?

Today is the day when the world will be bombarded with "green" facts. It's our duty as environmentally concerned individuals to make sure that these facts are not just shared today, but tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. Everyone will be told that bringing a reusable tumbler to the coffee shop will help cut down on paper waste, but will they do that? Everyone will be told that bringing reusable grocery bags to the grocery store will cut down on the billions of plastic bags that end up in landfills, but how many people will be toting their non-woven totes into the store? We need to lead by example and make our voices heard. We need to stand up for Earth Day on April 23rd. We need to stand up for Earth Day on May 4th. We need to stand up for Earth Day on Memorial Day and on the 4th of July and on Halloween. We need to stand up for Earth Day on Thanksgiving and on New Year's Day.

We need to lead by example and encourage others to join us. We need to stand up for Earth Day every day of the year because the truth of the matter is that Earth Day isn't really about today. It's about tomorrow.

Earth Day: We Plant a Tree

April 19, 2010 11:00 by Jenn

At Motivators, we like to think that everyday is Earth Day. One April 22nd the world will join together to celebrate the beautiful world around us and combat the rising environmental issues we face. Our Earth Day promotional items will help to spread the word about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, but our eco-mission doesn't stop there.

We've partnered with the American Forests Global ReLeaf program to help give back to the environment. For every eco-friendly promotional product order we receive, we plant a tree. But as a part of our Earth Day efforts, we're practically planting a forest.

Our Earth Day Tree Campaign extends the ReLeaf program to our standard promotional products orders as well. However, to encourage customers to choose environmental items, we'll plant two trees for any eco-friendly promotional products on-line order. Even after our Earth Day promotion is over, we'll keep on planting those trees to show our dedication to the environment.

Want to join in on the eco-action? Learn how to plant your own tree! Not only is it something great to do for the environment, but it is a fun process that can bring people together while brightening up any home or office yard.



Earth Day Promotions

April 16, 2010 15:29 by Jenn

As Earth Day approaches, green efforts are popping up all over the community. Starbucks kicked things off yesterday with their, "Bring a travel mug, get a free coffee" green promotion. A local bar is promoting a $25 personalized beer glass on Earth Day. Bring it to the bar all spring and summer and receive free beer. And from Africa to Alabama people are organizing environmental events.

North Olympic Peninsula National Park is offering a free nature walk. From this Saturday through April 25th, admission to the National park will be waived as a part of their Earth Day celebration.
From Earth Day 2010 events organized at the White house, to a fun road side clean up in your neighborhood, great sustainable efforts are being made. The most note worthy name of an effort I've found, is, "Who's Your Mama?" The awesome Earth Day film festival has been running since 2007 and accepts submissions of films with the theme of eco-friendliness.

What are the Earth day events in your community? Whether you're planting a garden in the park or collecting trash on the parkway, your Earth Day efforts will help to spread sustainability. And to help spread the word about your green beliefs, incorporate eco-friendly promotional products into every Earth Day 2010 celebration.