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Are Cruises Eco-Friendly?

April 9, 2013 13:54 by Bran

With summer just a few months away, people are beginning to book all sorts of vacations, cruises included. But is cruising eco-friendly? And if so, how?

According to Iglu Cruise, many of the most popular cruise lines incorporate designs that take the environment into consideration. Let's look at a few examples:

Royal Caribbean does a few things to be more environmentally-friendly. The company recently spent $100 million to convert waste water treatment systems into advanced purification systems. Plus, it provides only biodegradable water bottles to passengers. Nice!

Another cruise line that does quite a bit to be eco-friendly is Disney. Used cooking oil is recycled and reused for machinery at Castaway Cay, a private island. The cruise company also provides environmental and education programs for guests and crew members.

Also worth mentioning are Celebrity Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines, both of which have made respectable changes as well.

Generally speaking, most cruises boast greener ship designs, improved energy conservation methods and improved recycling facilities.

Will you choose to cruise this summer?

Spotlight: Jo-Bee Recycled Currency Pencil

April 3, 2013 11:00 by Nick

With the dreaded Tax Day creeping on us (less than two weeks to go) how will you get people to remember your services or remind them to file and submit everything ahead of time? 

You could get people to pay attention to you by giving out money. Cash always makes a great gift but once spent, your clients and customers will barely remember to consider you for future products/services. You could use imprinted writing utencils but how would it fit the financial support/money-making theme you are trying to convey?

Cash, versatility and impressionability meet with the custom imprinted Jo-Bee Recycled Currency Pencil.

What makes a pencil such a great giveaway for such an occasion? The pencil itself is made of money! Every Jo-Bee Currency Pencil is partially made of recycled currency - which makes it ideal for banks, businesses, day-traders and financiers. These pencils are proudly made in the USA and have a round, easy-to-hold body. Each pencil is adorned with an eraser - so keep the mistakes coming.
Need a giveaway for standardized tests or schools? This Jo-Bee pencil uses #2 lead, making it ideal for all classroom and exam needs.

Best of all, this pencils can be adorned with your imprint (and even sharpened for a small fee) in just 5 business days. Place an order with a sales-person to see if you can get these pencils in time for April 15!

Spotlight: H2O Conservation Kit

March 27, 2013 14:26 by Nick

Since grade school, we've kept with us some simple yet sufficient advice on how to help make the planet a better place for everyone. While some people keep to this advice (i.e. recycling materials such as plastic and glass, buying a car with fewer and cleaner emissions, etc.) there are just some pieces of advice that people will ignore to follow or find it difficult to. 

For those who love their shower-time and have a desire to change their habits but do little to follow through, meet the custom imprinted H2O Conservation Kit. The kit makes conserving water fun and informative. The idea is that by timing yourself in the shower and limiting yourself to how much water is used during the shower, that much-needed water can be conserved. This kit includes a 150ml drip counter, an ABS aerator and a 5 minute shower timer - all in a recycled paper gift box. The kit also includes a book on other energy saving tips - so you can start an easy and effortless lifestyle that will impact the Earth and its resources less. 

On a side note, do you habitually throw out batteries in the garbage. (I'm guilty of this too.) The H2O Conservation Kit's gift box doubles as a battery disposal box. The kit will help you in conserving water while keeping recycling on the forefront of your mind.

Spotlight: Leeds Recycled Ambassador Pocket Bound Journalbook

March 13, 2013 09:26 by Nick

It's fairly difficult to find statistics on how effective the United States education system is on American youth. Some studies say students are prospering, others say that America's education rank will faulter even further while others are far too dated to take seriously. If there is one thing someone can walk away quickly researching the subject, it is that math and reading skills are directly affected by the student's early reading/writing behavior.

How do you promote reading and writing at a young age? Parents should read to their children, visit the library regularly and read books/newspapers in front of them. The idea is to influence them with stories and to have your children immitate your habit of reading.

But how do you promote writing? You can try to promote that at home but it is at school where teachers can spark imagination and inspiration.

This week's Spotlight item is the Leeds Recycled Ambassador Pocket Bound Journalbook. The journalbook has 80 sheets of lined paper sandwiched between recycled paper covers. With a beautiful natural look, an expandable accordion pocket and ribbon page marker, this item will support your child's writing. This makes a great school giveaway because of its eco-friendly properties, CPSIA certification, 1 day production and it's beautiful debossed imprint option. Ask about our free shipping option too.


Spotlight: Eco Pint Bamboo Fiber Cup - 16 oz.

March 6, 2013 15:56 by Nick

Think of one year at your office. You go to the water cooler, fill your paper or plastic cup with water and throw it in the trash. Later that day, you get thirsty again and fill a new cup of water. 

Every year, the average American office worker goes through 500 disposable cups while working only approximately 260 days. (a little less due to holidays) These cups add up if you're in an office of 10, 100 or 1,000 and start to really add up if you think of the number of public and private organizations in the United States alone. These cups live in landfills or just end up being pollution outside landfill walls.

Meet the custom imprinted Eco Pint Bamboo Fiber Cup. Measuring 16 oz. (approximately 1/5 of the recommended amount of liquid one must take in each day [Mayo Clinic]) this cup is reuseable and has a single-wall construction made of bamboo fiber. The Eco Pint has a unique look and texture compared to other cups. Best of all, this item can easily be recycled.

Custom Printed Eco Pint Bamboo Fiber Cup - 16 oz.

Spotlight: 3/8" Recycled Lanyard

February 20, 2013 10:10 by Nick

The beginning of each year is an opportunity for each company to plan ahead their trade show attendances. Whether attending as a vendor, exhibitor or just walking the trade show floor, it gives you the chance to learn more about trends in your industry and could very well inspire a new product, improve your services or just give you an opportunity to network with new clients.

This week's Spotlight item is a 3/8" lanyard. Trade show organizers will love this screen-printed promotional lanyard. Choose from continuous imprint or step/repeat imprint and choose from a small array of hook attachments for a minute extra charge. Best of all, this item is 100% made from post-consumer material - the more you order, the more precious material that is saved.

The 3/8" Recycled Lanyard is produced in 5 business days but simply talk to Motivators about our 24 hour rush option. Define yourself as a trade show sponsor or make your ID tag look professional with a matching-logo lanyard.

Goedzak: A Bag for Curbside Treasures

January 22, 2013 13:23 by Bran

Walk around any neighborhood and you'll probably stumble upon at least a couple of discarded pieces of furniture, outdated electronics and old toys waiting to be collected.  Often times, passers-by will pick up the reusable stuff, helping to reduce trash.

But what happens to all that curbside "junk" when it rains? Obviously a lot of it -- especially electronics -- can be ruined by Mother Nature's wrath. Nobody's going to pick up a TV that's been marinating in rain water.

But Dutch designer Simon Akkaya created a new product to solve this problem. According to Good, Akkaya's "Goedzak" is a clear bag designed to help one man's trash become another man's treasure. It puts thrown out products on display while protecting them at the same time.


If cities across the world jumped on board, Akkaya's bag could have a huge impact on our environment. What do you think?

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Spotlight: Recycled Wash 'N Buff Car Wash Kit

January 2, 2013 17:17 by Nick

When snow melts away, it reveals dirt and grime - especially on your car. If your car is looking pretty gross, you know it can cost a pretty penny to take your car to get it cleaned and washed. 

The custom imprinted Recycled Wash 'N Buff Car Wash Kit is the perfect recyclable giveaway for the winter months. This gift allows your clients and customers to wash their own car - saving money in the process. The kit includes a Union Made/USA Made bucket, scrubber spongers and wash n' buff mitt. The gift will also come in handy for the spring and summer months. Your imprint is displayed proudly on the bucket.


A Greener Christmas Clean-Up

December 28, 2012 13:21 by Bran

Christmas always makes a big mess. Between crumpled up wrapping paper and that massive, leftover tree, the trash can really pile up.

Instead of tossing it all out, why not clean up in an eco-friendly way?


Did you know that gift wrap, greeting cards and tissue paper can all be recycled? Even recycled wrapping paper can be re-recycled, up to about five times, reports Slate.

Christmas Trees

Many U.S. cities, including New York and Philadelphia, are asking residents to recycle their trees this year. CBS Philly reports that local residents can bring their Christmas trees to city recycling centers. In New York, "residents are encouraged to put out their discarded trees at curbside" for mulching and recycling.

Used Items

If you received a new coat or cell phone this Christmas, you probably have an extra (or two) lying around the house now. Don't let them sit there unused! Donate used toys to local toy drives, bring last season's coats to collection sites and drop off old mobile devices at organizations like Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Have any other tips for a greener Christmas clean-up?

Spotlight: Terra Recycled Photo Frame

December 5, 2012 15:31 by Nick

Although the shopping has been done, the coming days will be spent doing another strenuous task - planning Christmas dinner. I host dinner every year with upwards of 25 people coming. One lucky year, I only had to cook for 11. In addition to preparing a lavish meal, I try to impress my guests with a small gift for each person. My guests have received gift cards, blankets and even boxes of chocolates.

Although I am still in limbo on what to give my guests, I am leaning toward the custom imprinted Terra Recycled Photo Frame - 4" x 6". A photo frame makes the perfect gift for any home or apartment. This picture frame is made entirely of recycled paper products, making it eco-friendly. Best of all, the picture frames are available in earth-tone colors like brown, blue and green. Each frame holds a 4" x 6" photo horizontally or vertically. 

If I get these picture frames, I will rummage through my old photo albums and find pictures from holidays and insert them into each frame. I know my guests will love them and I will feel great giving them something for the home.

Promotional Terra Recycled Photo Frame