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A New Eco-Friendly Video Game is Being Released to the Public, Harrision Ford Offers a Helping Hand

March 10, 2011 14:30 by Daniel

The trends of eco-friendliness have been seen in almost all aspects of popular culture. Buildings are incorporating solar panels and "green" roofs, household products are using recycled materials, governments are recommending eco-friendly products to their constituencies. Now on to one of the most viral forms of entertainment available in the free world: video games.

Video games have long been a cornerstone of leisure activity in the United States, with children being drawn to the controller of a virtual reality at an early age. With all different types of shooting games, fighting games, sports games, and multi-players, it has become readily apparent that video games (in their traditional genre) waste time and energy.

People sit in front of the television spending hours at these games, but they don't produce anything or receive something in return. Therefore, video games have no intrinsic value.

That is, until game designer Talkie came on the scene. Talkie, a Los Angeles-based company, has been developing a new social game entitled, "Ecotopia". Similar to "FarmVille", the game encourages participation by a large group of people in a social environment. The only difference is that "Ecotopia" is promoting a positive change in the environment.

"Ecotopia" inspires people to take action by allowing them to navigate an environmentally decrepit landscape, and offering them the ability to clean it up. Through the execution of eco-friendly actions like switching out wasteful light bulbs, installing solar panels, and other actions, players can eventually transform the troubled planet into a haven for nature and growth.

In addition to the basic functions of the game, the developers will be hosting weekly contests where players can submit videos for going above and beyond in the "going green" movement. While not all players will participate in these extra-curricular activities, Talkie hopes to reach out to the younger demographic in order to teach them eco-friendly practices at an early age.

As an added bonus, Hollywood legend Harrison Ford has gotten on board with "Ecotopia", backing it as "a refreshing new way to engage millions of people in addressing critical environmental issues". As Ford is a board member for Conservation International, his endorsement comes with exceptional regard.

Look out for "Ecotopia" as it is released this spring on Facebook. Your participation will help making a last change towards the rehabilitation of the planet.

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