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Custom Seed Paper Giveaways are One of the Hottest Trends in the Eco-Friendly Promotional Market

November 23, 2010 15:20 by Daniel

In the world of eco-friendly promotional products, there are always new trends developing. Some of these ideas are better received by companies than others, but they all promote the health of the planet in some way. The environmentally friendly product that we are going to take a look at today is custom seed paper. Custom seed paper is so great because it provides the recipient with a unique function that other promotional items do not have.

Anything from a business card to wedding invitation can be imprinted on the custom seed paper. In fact, pretty much any business can use this special paper to get people to pay attention to their company. The paper comes in all different types of shapes and sizes, depending on the particular line of work that you are in. Just take a look at this one below.

The Africa Daisy Mini Ornament was designed specifically to show support for those in Africa who are less fortunate. The ornament, printed on custom seed paper, was cut out to look like the continent of Africa. The simple shape of the design is pretty accurate, and enough to get people to stop and think about the cause that is being promoted.

To use it, simply plant it as you would any other seeds and watch it grow. You don't even have to remove the seeds from the paper itself. If recipients have any trouble trying to figure out the process, each promotional item printed on custom seed paper comes with the instructions on how it should be used.

The seed paper also comes in other forms like this bookmark. In this particular one, the fight against breast cancer is being promoted. The pink ribbon can be punched out of the bookmark and planted as a pledge to join the fight against breast cancer. If you are trying to promote a cause like this, no promotional pen or T-shirt is going to create as profound an effect as giving the gift of life.

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