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Riding with Sustainability at Theme Parks

September 25, 2009 15:17 by Jenn
When people talk about minimizing our negative impact on the environment, it takes only moments to realize the many things we could surely live without. As we adjust our frivolous lifestyles one day at a time in order to live more sustainably, industry leaders have begun working on their carbon footprints as well. The promotional product industry has adapted to the call for sustainability by re-shelving with eco-friendly promotional items. Sustainable building standards are being implemented on all new constructions. Theme parks are going green - and not by building a new Hulk roller coaster.

The Green Wood forest park in Wales opened in 1993 and has been working with the environment to create fun and adventure for families since then. Their original ride, the green dragon, is the world's first eco-friendly roller coaster and uses people-power to reduce the need for electricity. This roller coaster is amazing.
Each train holds 20 people that will in fact power their very own ride. The interactive roller coaster requires riders to walk up stairs to the first launching pad. The combined weight soaring down the tracks is enough to pull the train over the hill by steel ropes and pulleys. Riders then walk up another set of steps leading to their train and a wondrous and environmentally friendly ride that includes a 360 degree loop while going 25mph. But this isn't the only eco-friendly ride in the park.
Instead of having motor boats in their water jungle adventure, the creators have placed long ropes from the high trees to mimic vines. Boaters then float from rope to rope making this another interactive ride. The best part about the Green Wood forest park is that it doesn't just have eco-friendly rides; it also encourages visitors to appreciate nature. There's even a den building section that provides you with all natural materials in hopes that you can build your own den and prove that you can live in the wilderness. This would be a great place for some cool custom outdoor products too.
Eco-friendliness is sprouting in theme parks in the United States as well. This summer 6 Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey refurbished their 35 year old, 15-story attraction; The Big Wheel. This Ferris wheel is now illuminated at night with 7.924 energy-saving LED bulbs that are reducing around 8.5 million pounds of carbon emission compared to the regular bulbs they were using. That's the same amount of carbon emission reduction that planting 2,850 would get you.

It's awesome to see that even theme parks are doing their part to make this a greener world. Of course, eco-friendly promotional giveaways can be found at both Green Woods and 6 Flags, which makes these fun parks perfect eco-friendly getaways.

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