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Now You Can Study Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

August 25, 2011 16:57 by Brandon

Have you ever wanted to work on an organic farm?  Have you decided against it, worried that you may not find a job?  According to a USA Today article, it may be worth your while to study organic and sustainable agriculture.

In her article, Shannon Dininny reports that dozens of colleges and universities offer programs that focus on both organic and sustainable agriculture. "Experts said those graduates shouldn't have trouble finding jobs as the agriculture industry replaces aging farmers — the average age of a U.S. farmer is 57 — and farmers increasingly look to diversify their operations," reports Dininny.

The courses offer knowledge, not just about how to grow organic fruits and vegetables, but also on how to safely control pests and weeds.  According to Dininny, these methods "use fewer chemicals, making them environmentally preferable and potentially less expensive."  Therefore, lessons learned from these specialized programs can be used in all arenas of the farming industry.

There has been an increase in the amount of alternative agriculture studies and programs, says Dininny, because of a growing consumer demand for "food seen as healthier."  Additionally, it's becoming a standard that farmers in general hold a college degree or have completed some college coursework.  If this is an industry you've thought about entering, now's the time!

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