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Shoo Fly Giveaway: Defend Your Home with Natural Bug Killer

February 22, 2010 13:31 by Jenn

Ants in my pants and hornets in my hair. I wished for the snow to melt away, but I wasn't excepting my back yard to turn into a insect sanctuary. What's worse? I know in just a month or so, the sun's going to shine and that sanctuary is going to spread inside of my home as well. So, in lieu of spring cleaning, snap on a pair of gloves and check out my tips on eco-friendly giveaways and products for pest control in your home and garden.
Like any great plan of attack, you must prepare to be on the offense and the defense in this battle against the bugs. The best defense? EcoSmart Pesticides.

Your green smile may have turned into a frown once you read the daunting word, "pesticides." But this all natural bug spray posses no threat to your health...unless you've got six legs. Confident that we have no slimy, buzzing creepy crawlers as readers, rest assured you're all in good green hands with EcoSmart.

The eco-friendly company has over 15 years of scientific research, accounting for it's golden ranking as the only 100% safe insecticide in the Unites States. In fact, of their 40 patented formulas in the U.S., half are exempt from the Environmental Protection Agency. The quality of these pesticides is so high, that the EPA recognizes EcoSmart as a leader in its field; placing it above other conventional and synthetic products.
These pesticides can be sprayed around the home and outdoors without harming plant life or any of your home decor. Created from natural non-toxic plant oils, this is one pesticide that you can actually trust. That's why it makes sense it's being carried in stores all over the world including major businesses like Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowes and Pathmark to name a few.

Now that you know the best product to arm yourself with this springtime, we've got to gear you up for any surprise attacks. While EcoSmart natural ant killer will keep the ants out of your home and trouble spots, some insects just fly right in. You may take care of the problem in your own home but that won't stop a mean mosquito from sneaking into your bedroom from an opened window. While a mist of eco-friendly pesticide would do the trick, we'd like you to conserve. With a promotional eco-friendly flyswatter offence, you can dominate, leaving only the remains of the blood-sucker. They're made from recycled materials and check out this custom imprinted foot flyswatter. What better way to ask, "What's your carbon footprint?"

You've got the know-how, so now you've got to execute before it's too late. Now is the prime time to prepare for an insect problem so go to your nearest EcoSmart retail store and make an order of our fun promotional flyswatters. Better yet, tell us why you need the EcoSmart Value Bundle for a change to win your own. Are there ants crawling around fresh fruit in the kitchen? Is the occasional hornet or two progressing to a real, stinging problem? Tell us why this eco-friendly pesticide is just what you need and come springtime, you'll be living bug-free.

Leave your response to why you want or need these EcoSmart pesticides in our comments below. A winner will be selected Friday, March 5th at noon. Good luck!

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