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Spotlight: Solar Flashlight Key Chain

February 17, 2012 15:39 by Nick

It's something that you may not need everyday but when you do find the opportunity, could make the difference between being prepared and not or even the difference between life and death.

It's a promotional flashlight key chain. This item, unlike a standard flashlight, can go everywhere you do - taking up little space in the process. A flashlight key chain can help you find specific items inside the car, a room or another small space and can even make you seen at night. Some people may use it to take a walk around the neighborhood while others will find an opportunity to use it when they have car troubles at night. 

One of the best eco-alternative items available on the Motivators website is the custom imprinted Solar Flashlight Key Chain. This item has 3 powerful LED lights that shine a brilliant white. Best of all, the item doesn't use batteries. Instead, it used solar power technology to store energy to the battery during the day. When needed, simply press the button on and off. Imprint your logo for an item that can help people out of a jam.